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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by RonWin, Jul 10, 2013.

  1. RonWin

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    Idk if its all this rain this year but the weeds are out of control. The beds look like **** with grass growing through and weeds springing up. Idk why there is so much grass in the beds because i blow out the beds after weed eating and i bag with the Z. One of the mistakes i made this year is that i included weeding with a couple of the contracts i have (never make this mistake!). It was a shot from the hip type of guestimate with the price to which really kills me. So are you guys also experiencing more than normal weed and grass growth in unwanted areas e.i. beds/walkways/ect? How do you price out weeding jobs ? I know right now that i will not be getting what i should be getting with the amount of time it is going to take to weed. BTW its not the easy weeding where there real big and spaced out and easy to pluck ooooooh no! its the small weeds as well as big viney weeds that are inbetween/underneath the thorn bushes and tight spots up against the house. This really stinks. Please incite me! Any easy to use weedbegone/weedkiller that is safe to plants/shrubs/pets ?
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    Moar powerfull weed eeta!

    CLARK LAWN LawnSite Silver Member
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    SNAPSHOT, it does wonders.
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  4. LawnGuy110

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    its like magic pretty much:waving:
  5. herler

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    Yah da biggar Weed Eeta Harharhar
  6. Richard Martin

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    I am also seeing explosive weed growth where it shouldn't be. I think your bigger question is "Why are they there?"

    Weed seeds can come from many sources. Oftentimes the seeds were already in the soil and germinated when conditions were ripe. Some seeds can remain in dormancy for decades. Some seeds are very light and can be blown in by the wind. If the lawn was overseeded with a non certified weed seed free grass mix then you can get weed seeds from the seed mix. Believe it or not, bird droppings are responsible for a whole lot of seeds.

    Have you ever wondered how fish get to some extremely unlikely places such as drainage ditches (we have minnows in the slight ditch at my house) and mountain lakes? Bird droppings.
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    Weeds in beds should be a separate priced service from regular mowing. It will take a combination of cultural & chemical maintenance practices to control weeds. Both of these require someone with the proper knowledge and licensing. No offense but you don't have either of these so you should probably let someone who does handle this.
  8. orangemower

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    I think you're seeing an exponential amount of weeds because you were not dealing with them before. I tell ALL my customers early in the spring that weeds are coming, the beds should be treated. The ones that treat the beds have few weeds. The others, well, they either pay me to clean the beds up or do it their self. Most of my customers have me clean and mulch the beds each season. I let them know that once I have it cleaned and finish, I'll keep it that way. It takes a NY minute to pluck the few that are there. Same the following week.

    Sounds like you let them get out of hand. It will look like crap if you just spray and leave it. Best go through and pluck as much as possible then spray/treat.
  9. Tom-N-Texas

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    Fusillade will get rid grassy weeds and grass in beds without harming the shrubs.
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  10. weeze

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    it's the rain. it's like it makes the weeds sprout up overnight. usually sprayed beds will last a month or two before you have to do it again this time of year when it's dry. due to all the rain it's like you have to spray it every 2 weeks almost. i dunno if weed seeds are in the rain or just in the ground and the water makes them grow or what. more rain equals more weeds i do know that for sure and requires more treatment to keep them away.

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