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Weeding mulch beds.


LawnSite Member
What do you all charge for weeding mulch beds? This is a customer we put fresh mulch down for but didn't want weed barrier put under it. We kept up the weeds during the mowing season last year as it was only 2 months left in the season and barely anything had come through. Now it is the start of a new season and when I went out it is covered in weeds. I don't feel it should be part of our mowing price but not sure how to go about pricing just weed pulling if they mention it. We do not spray so weed killer is out of the question at the moment. Probably only a 20 minute pulling job but it will happen ever couple weeks I'm sure. Don't want to be a bad guy by saying told you so on the weed barrier haha.


LawnSite Member
Thank you, we only pushed the weed barrier on that one because of the pressure that was already there and they did not want to chemically treat for weeds. We knew they would push through the mulch if we hadn't laid the barrier.


LawnSite Member
Weed it at your man hour rate and charge them to put down Snapshot (or preen). Our's is currently $85/hr so if it takes two guys 20 minutes I would charge 165 x.33 = $55. If you wan't to punish them for the dumb idea of not putting down a pre-emergant or weed barrier charge them $99 and educate them on how that was a bad idea. Mulch is literally ideal conditions for weed growth and will happen if you don't do anything about it. Now they will know saving a few dollars initially will cost them more in the long run. When we mulch we put down snapshot, then the barrier, mulch, then snapshot again.


LawnSite Senior Member
What is a good way to remove leaves from flower beds? I tend to rake up the large areas, but when the leaves get into the bases of bushes etc. is where I have problems. Any quick(er) ways of removing them?


LawnSite Fanatic
Weed control in flowerbeds isn't normally part of regular mowing unless it was agreed upon in the beginning agreement.

Personally I wouldn't pull weeds by hand, easier ways to make money. If you want to do it then figure out what your time is worth.

If you aren't interested in doing it I'd kindly tell them to find someone who is licensed to apply.