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Weeding of beds


LawnSite Member
A commercial building asked me for a quote on mulching of beds, then for a quote to weed the same beds once a month. This is new to me as most residentials do it themselves. Say its 10 yards of mulching or approximately 1000 sq feet. I'd charge 650 for initial mulching, then X for weeding once a month. What is your X amount Thanks for your help in advance, Kevin.


LawnSite Bronze Member
1 application crack, crevice and plant bed weed control with Round-Up $38/month.<p>If your right there mowing anyway, that's like free money.


LawnSite Senior Member
southern ontario
If you aren't licensed to spray then you might charge your hourly rate and add up your time and bill at the end of the month. Or estimate your time required per month and add it to your monthly amount in advance. There's alway the option of a granular weed control product put down in the beds as well.<p>----------<br>Dave in S.Ontario<br>http://www.cutntrim.com/


LawnSite Bronze Member
I'd hope for $65/yd mulch you would apply granular pre-weed control prior to install.