Weeding People out over the phone


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If your not advertising, just tell them you have more work that you can do already.

I don't think theres anything you can do to get the price you want other than asking, but if price is what there after you have more work than you can do already.


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I would love to be able to weed out the picky people that want this and that and the other, all included in their "mowing" charge. I'm not here to wait while you move all the **** around in your yard, and edging your flower beds isn't included in the edging of your driveway....


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Ask them who they had previously to do the lawn, if it was a big company, they might not be cheap, but they might be picky, if it was "oh idk, some guy with a mower" then maybe theyre cheap but not too picky. ask how long he worked for them. that might be a good indication of how long you can expect to work there LOL Ask if they have a budget since you might be able to put together a special gardening/weeding or fert and spray package if theyre a weekly lawn mowing client.
And always mention that you have a minimum and the minimum is for "blankety blank size yard"

But first of all, ask what the address is and look it up on google earth on your phone, youll be able to get a great idea how big the property is and be able to give a ballpark figure over the phone.. No fuss, no muss, if theyre interested in your price based on your observation of the property online, then you can meet and sell your services.

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