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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by Josh18, Jun 17, 2004.

  1. Josh18

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    from AL
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    Everyone hates weeding flower beds I'm assuming. Today I had a new customer ask my price for weeding her flower beds. I told her $35/hr. She looked at me like I was crazy and said she would do it herself. SO was my price out of line? I am new at this but I thought I gave her a fair price. What do ya'll charge for this kind of work?
  2. Fishin LCO

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    I would have told her the same thing you did.
  3. DiscoveryLawn

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    I never ever give an hourly rate for work. Especially unskilled labor such as pulling weeds. I look at the job and give a dedicated price quote based on my hourly rate but I do not share that rate. Folks just don't understand That $35.00 per man hour has to cover insurance, lisences, trucks, equipment, travel time, litterature, building rent, labor burdon, taxes, hand tools, coffee money etc....
    I quote all unskilled labor based on $40.00 per hour and have no problem selling it However, I can imagine getting a lot fewer bids if I quoted everything (or anything) at $40.00 per man hour.

    Here's my quote ma'am...
    Mowing lawn $40.00 per hour
    Pruning shrubs $40.00 per hour
    Edging lawn $40.00 per hour
    Pulling weeds $40.00 per hour


    Heres my quote ma'am
    Mowing lawn $40.00 per cut
    Pruning shrubs $80.00
    Edging lawn $15.00 when performed in conjunction with each mowing
    Pulling weeds $120.00 each time

  4. Josh18

    Josh18 LawnSite Member
    from AL
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    Yeah, I agree with the set price, which I what I would have prefered to do. But, I had no clue as to how long this job would have taken me. I have never weeded an area that big before.
  5. hosejockey2002

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    I am tending to lean more and more to a set price. I've done a few hourly, and my customers have been very happy. I've also had customers balk at $35 an hour to pull weeds. I feel I do better just quoting a set price. You will probably bid too high on a few and not get the job. You will also probably get lucky and bid too high and get the job anyway once or twice.payup You will almost certainly bid too low on a few and get your arse handed to you. It's happened to me a few times, but soon you will get a good feel for how to bid these.
  6. Adamma Landscape Group

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    Josh18, your price was right. Your customer perhaps does not have a lot of money. Next time do not say $35. Say $70 for what you think will be a 2 hour job. Or say $100 or $200. The customer knowing how much he or she wants to spend will tell you to go ahead. If they say that it is too much then adjust your price.
    Weeding is a very tricky thing to price. Note that you can charge $100 for what you think will be a 2 hour weeding job and in reality you might be there for 10 hours. So the $35-$40 might become a $10 per hour job.
    So try to be fair but do not price weeding and go out there and loose money.
  7. ken50

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    from tx
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    Adamma, you must have been looking over my shoulder last week! I bid a weeding and shrub trim job at $100, thinking it would take about three hours, since this was an area of town I really wanted to get into, then ten hours later I was still working on it! At least every time I mess up, it becomes a learning experience that I hope not to do again! The customer was nice enough to give me $200 since he was so pleased with the job, but it still wasn't near what the job was worth.

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