Weedman, anybody know what spray wands they use?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by inzane, Aug 16, 2014.

  1. inzane

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    I believe they are spraying at a lower volume out of there skids about 1 gallon per minute with a wand,i heard that from an ex employee and then i saw an article http://www.lawnandlandscape.com/ll0714-sprayers-spreaders-tips.aspx .

    I am spraying 1.5 gpm out of both of my skids at the moment (chemlawn gun with blue tips). I'd plan on starting to use the bigger skid to fill my ride-on, and i'd like to use my smaller skid to spray the smaller lawns, but at atleast at a 1 gpm rate or mabee even lower (i'd like to get 50,000 sq. ft. atleast out of the 50 gallon skid). so, just wondering if anybody knows of a good way to apply at a lower volume.. will some type of wand with a fan tip work? whats would the best technique be to get good results? trying to relate it to when i just used a backpack sprayer.. I hear some guys say hold it straight out front.. then somebody was saying move it back and forth as you walk. I did use a backpack when i start, but post emergent only, and i held it out front. that will take all day, i guess i can find some type of boom.

    I thought greendoctor had a thread with some sorta boom he had with pictures, can't really seem to find it at the moment.
  2. ReddensLawnCare

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    It's called a bomminator or something like that
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  3. southernturfpros

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    It is called the Boominator. They get them from Rittenhouse. The wand runs about $200 and the tips about $100. There are several different tips to choose from. I used to be a senior tech at Weedman Roswell. They work great. I set mine at about 1.5gpm, night and day difference over a chem gun.
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  4. greendoctor

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    An improvement over a sprinkler nozzle in terms of coverage. Boomless spray tips are fine if there are no flower beds, hedges, shrubs, or vegetable gardens in or around the lawn.
  5. RigglePLC

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    If (like me), you have used a Chemlawn gun. The transition to a low volume cone nozzle like a backpack sprayer will be easy. Move it left to right as you walk forward. Keep the pressure low if you want to cover more ground with the 50 gallon skid sprayer. A half-gallon per thousand would work out nicely.
  6. inzane

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    this is kinda what i had in mind... I'm gonna be spraying out of my zspray at half gallon per thousand. so i can have it pre-mixed in the 100 gallon skid so i can spray that mix out the skid at low volume with a wand on yards where i can't use the zspray. i will have a line that will let me bypass the reel so i can fill up the 18 gallon zspray tank from the 7gpm pump faster than from the hose. still will take about 3 minutes to fill up the z i guess that isn't so bad. there is a gate valve before the hose real so i can get it down to half gallon per thousand.. I think that may be a good idea. i've never used anything but a chemlawn gun for spraying lawns for all the years i done this. all this new stuff makes me nervous. I keep reading that the wand is better.. but harder to "learn". I hear weedman sprays alot of cars and houses by accident, but assume its because of poor training like with most of the big dawg companies.

    When doing a bucket check for that low of volume, do you take the nozzle off to check? I noticed when i took the nozzle off of the reel of the z, i got a bit over 1 gpm but with the nozzle i got .5 I always learned with the chemlawn gun you take the tip off to do the bucket check. didn't know if that was the same with everything else.

  7. Ric

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    I have never used a Boominator Nozzle but I did study the specs before going with the Tee Jet Flood Jet Nozzle. The Flood Jet doesn't spray as wide as the Boominator which was important to Me because I have smaller yards. The Flood Jet is also a lot cheaper at about $ 10.00 to $ 20.00. I also liked the better GPM size selection of the Flood jet. Fact is I use the Flood Jets on my Ride on Fire Ant sprayer that puts out 5 gallon per thousand @ 3 MPH. But the smaller nozzles could be used for herbicide very easy.

  8. RigglePLC

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    I say leave the nozzle on for your "bucket check"--slang at TG/CL for checking the gallons per minute output by spraying into a bucket.
    Suppose you cover 1000 sqft per minute (slow). You need a half-gallon per minute (64 ounces).
    If you cover 1300 sqft per minute, (like me) you need 83 ounces. Use a one gallon measuring pitcher. Or just mark a convenient container at 83 ounces.
    Yes, you can use the same mixture for both the Z-Max and spraying with the skid sprayer. You will have to adjust the skid spray pressure downward to reduce the flow, 60 to 80 pounds should do it. If not, a different size nozzle will be needed.
  9. GaryBK

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    Why would you take the Chemlawn tip off for the bucket test. I've been spraying for 30years with 3 different company's and never took the tip off.
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  10. inzane

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    Because that is how i was taught to do it at trugreen from the get go... and every other company here i worked at. It never really made sense, but it was habit.


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