Weedman, anybody know what spray wands they use?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by inzane, Aug 16, 2014.

  1. ted putnam

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    I always liked the coverage/control I got with the floodjet myself(They were what was on my PG ultra)
    My question is, is WeedMan using this boominator tip on a handheld piece because like others have said, it sprays pretty wide and in my estimation would be dangerous around ornamentals and pretty much useless for trimming?
    I haven't seen Weedman(WeedHippy is what I call him here. He has a pony tail) use anything like what some are speaking of. He has a truck/tank/hose reel with a PG Magnum on the back and comes here from a city 45 minutes away.
    I'm interested, but skeptical...
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    That's odd. Without the tip you are not going to have the back pressure hence you won't get the true flow rate...
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    well, they were always adamant about us removing the tip for the bucket check. so i dunno.. guess i'll keep it on! After seeing the difference out of the zspray reel with and without the tip.. it totally makes sense to leave it on.

    I did talk to a trugreen tech this week. I watched him pull up to a 3,000 sq. ft. yard. He was spraying it with a Wand.. blanket apping. I push mowed and trimmed the yard across the street and he was still not done. lol. He tried to skip the backyard but the customer came out and yelled at him.. it was so funny. so, I went over and talked to him when i was done. I thought they must have been starting pre-emergents and using wands now.. but this round they are spraying dismiss and celsius only. they are rotating techs out in my area very often now. could be good news for me. lol

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