Weeds after Hydroseed, Help!

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by james_stewart, Jul 6, 2008.

  1. james_stewart

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    I hydroseeded my lawn 3 weeks ago, I followed the watering instructions as religiously, and I mowed it for the first time 3 days ago. The lawn looks very green and plush, but there are weeds everywhere! clovers, some crab grass, and other broad leaf weeds have invaded the yard.

    Do I panic or do I continue mowing it and watering it as scheduled?

    Can I use a weed control concentrate spray like Bayer All In One weed killer, or is it too early for that? Will I kill the grass?

    I live in Oregon.

    any help would be great thanks
  2. james_stewart

    james_stewart LawnSite Member
    from oregon
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    here are some pics of the weeds

  3. Ducke

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    Sorry to see your lawn like that.
    But I can honestly say I have never seen a Hydra Seed job that wasn't all weeds. I would never recommend Hydra Seed to anyone.
    It seem like I get a dozen or so calls a summer just like yours "HELP my hydra seed is all weeds"
    If you don't want to spend more money to hirer a pro to kill the weeds and restore your lawn then it looks like you have a Job for good old Weed and Feed.

    Good luck
  4. Dstosh

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    I think that lawn came in really well. I would say try adding some starter fertilizer to help the grass. Try focusing on making the grass stronger and then worry about the weeds next.
  5. Grn Mtn

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    that looks like the weeds you get when you add some topsoil or compost that hasn't been cooked enough, you amend your soil spread your seeds and bam, you get your grass and a bunch of weeds growing.

    mow at 3 1/2" every 4/5 days keep watering good deep soakers and apply another dose of starter fert. the first dose is about used up, keeping the mowing high and quick will help the grass compete and then this fall put down a pre emergent.

    Honestly looks good to me, nice and thick.
  6. SLSNursery

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    There is a weed control product called Drive that works pretty well on newer lawns. It is a restricted use product where we are. It controls crabgrass as well as other weeds. I think we are going to try another product called Q4 this week that is expected to perform well in similar circumstances. Also - follow Grn Mtn's advice - cut it more often and tall to promote the growth of the grass you planted. Don't wait until it gets long and then slash it down.

    I'm not sure of the basis of a comment regarding Hydro-seeded lawns being all weeds. We use the same seeds whether broadcasting and mulching, hydroseeding, overseeding, or aeravating and seeding. My contention would be that the weeds germinate based upon the time of year you seed, and are pretty much everpresent. You can achieve greater success by fall seeding rather than Spring seeding because of this. Most of the weeds you see germinate in the spring after the soil hits a certain temperature. That coincided with your seeding, and thus you have some weeds. The annual grasses will die off after a frost and you can overseed in the fall if you choose not to control them chemically.

    Lastly, you can use Tupersan (Siduron) as a selective pre-emergent. It is a finicky product, but does work if you follow the label instructions. Watering in is necessary (this is achieved by hydroseeding by the way). And, a follow up is required in 4 weeks at a lower rate. We often achieve good results in the Spring/Summer by applying the Tupersan, hydroseeding, following up with Tupersan, then spot spraying with Drive.
  7. RigglePLC

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    Sure go ahead and apply Weed-B-Gone. You will get rid of most of the broadleaf weeds--apply again about late September. The crabgrass is much more difficult, you need Drive for that (also known as quinclorac). Use the Bayer or Ortho product that contains the quinclorac--in which case it would kill both the boadleaf and the crabgrass. Don't dispair--the weeds are normal for a lawn started when the soil temp is warm. Crabgrass will die at the first frost, in any case. The broadleafs can be killed. You have a good start. Congrats!
  8. Whitey4

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    Riggs is far more experienced that I, but I will add this.... I also renovated my lawn this spring, and am near to applying a broadleaf herbicide for the clover, etc, but I am leary of using a crabgrass killer on such new turf. I spend 15 minutes twice a day handpulling. I know it's a PITA, but it works.

    Too bad you did not use siduron, also trade named Tupersan as your starter fert additive. This lawn obvoiusly had seroius crabb grass issues before you renovated, as there were MANY weed seeds in the lawn.

    I think I would use a crabgrass pre-emegent fert for you next app, and just hand pull until your back aches. I have found that if you pull em as soon as they show up, it is more managable and not so overwhelming looking.... having said that, still, hand weeding will work.

    Any bare dirt seeding lawn renovation will get weeds. The more work you do on it as soon as it comes up, the better (and more weed free) it will be.

    I call it sweat equity, stolen from the "This Old House" series.... you can just pay a contractor (install sod) or save a ton of money and do it yourself (seed), but that means a lot more work for similar results.
  9. rockee

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    Rather than starting a new thread, I'll post here.

    After stripping old lawn in the fall (taking away all top layer of weeds/grass), in April, I had new soil and compost raked and spread, and the sowed a mixture of Fescue and Rye. I watered, waited, watered, waited, and now I have a lawn. I didn't use a pre-emergent as I was since I was anxious to start the lawn and was afraid of killing the new seed. The problem is I have some weeds and much crabgrass - I'm guessing possibly 20% of the lawn. I tried Weed and Feed two weeks ago, but it seemed to have no effect. I have been hand-pulling the weeds and then adding seed and covering with earth any bare spots. . I have been mowing once a week and it looks like height is about 2".

    Can I use anything now to kill the crabgrass and weeds and not harm the lawn, or should I wait until fall?

    Should I mow more or less often? How often to water?

    Any other suggestions would be appreciated.
  10. Ducke

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