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Discussion in 'Florida Lawn Care Forum' started by tdifonzo, Nov 2, 2011.

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    Call that number tdifonzo and I am sure they will be having another course again soon and be able to get you set up with the information you need.

    The course is simple if you are able to read and comprehend a label you will pass there is no other reason not to have the limited license other than just pure laziness - You will be required to have proof of insurance so if you do not yet have it that would be a good place to start.

    This is a license that many take for granted that they can spray Round Up with only - but the truth is this is license has the potential to be very profitable part of your business for you if you know what to do with it as it allows you to use certain products to control fungus, pest on landscape beds. This does not sound like much once you figure it out - you will soon see that this is a quick additional upsell to every client you already service. So even your small $75 a month accounts suddenly become more profitable for example say the shrubs/bedding area are on the smaller side and you charge $40 every two months to fert and treat for pesticide. Guess what that same $75 a month account just turned into a $95 a month account and you are literally just spending a small amount of time doing the extra.
    With you being on the property essentially Every week or EOW week during the winter - you are able to use IPM very effectively which not only is helpful for the health of the plants but also healthy for your pocketbook.

    So you just turned this $75 a month account into a $95 a month account right...you are on your way up!! :cool2: While mowing this account you notice the neighbors viburnum are covered with aphids so dense that the viburnum is black. You take 5 minutes out of your day and walk over and inform the neighbor...give them a quick education on what is going on and let them know that you can solve this problem as well as prevent it in the future. This neighbors husband mows this property so you will never pick it up but you just picked them up for $50 every two months for shrub and bed care.

    You now just turned what used to be your $75 a month stop into a $120 month account. You are making the local lawn turds wonder what you up too but you will not tell them.

    On the newest account although your agreed to take care of pesticide and fertilization of the bedding areas...weeding control was not included. You catch the home owner outside one day and make a comment on how many weeds are in the bed.....and she comments that yes her husband is so busy at work as is she and they have not had time to weed the beds properly. You know that with a little pre-emergent control you can significantly knock down the weeds you are seeing present in the future.....so you sell her a one time round up service as well as a ongoing pre-emergent service for a very nice upsell of a additional $75 every three months - You now just turned your once $75 a month stop into a $145 a month stop.....and how did you do it all...you went and did the right thing and got your license as required.

    Now I make the example sound a little more simple than it really is as you will have to spend some time learning pest, learning what controls them, what time of year to expect certain issues etc in order to make your program one which the customer will stick with....but all in all the limited license is a very profitable investment that every lawn turd should make if they have any business sense about them.

    Good luck and keep us updated on here and let us know when you follow through and what your results are selling the service.
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    You mean DIE... as in death? Or DYE as in whar color does your wife dye her hair?:dizzy:
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    You Da Man! :clapping: Now tell him about the BPM course and how he can get a fert ap license for the lawns and really cash in!
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    Better yet when he completes his limited - he can take the BMP and have all his CEU's completed for the next year too.

    I personally have found that lawn fert is not a great seller for me as the value is not there for the customer as compared to a L & O company who can provide the complete package legally. Now that is not to say there is not money to be made as there is ...but the value is not there for the client.

    You can however upsell them on soil corrections - a quality soil test can show what is missing. You of course can add this back and some people are willing to pay for this service once you show them the results of the test...however the issue I have with this is that most are missing B and some are missing Cu both of which I have not found a suitable product to deliver through a granular formula - only foliar spray - which is a time consuming application with a backpack sprayer and also both of this minors in this form have high burn potential - so to be careful I ended up doing with the irrigation system running to lessen the burn potential. You combine the time and the charge that comes with it to apply this way...this is a ninche market but one that still does exist. Combine that with the price of Tech Mag per a bag last year and has become a expensive one..and again not for everyone.

    Now back to the fertilization - team up with a small L & O company - let them know the shrubs are yours.....they are happy they get the lawn - you are happy with the money you are making the extra bread on the shrub care programs....the L & O operator can be your mentor and teach you things he sees if he is willing to while on a shared a property. The end result you are getting a piece of the pie - although it is not the whole pie - it is better than nothing.
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    Good info Michael Geist! I think I'll take your advice and make the best of it. Hopefully it will help me be a little more profitable next season. I do have insurance by the way. I'm just trying to do everything i can to be a legitimate small business.
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    Just scalp them with the trimmer. You could use Roundup Pro or Scythe works well too.
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    BTW the BMP is easily completed online in about 30 minutes for 15 bucks.
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    Just remember when you get your BMP cert, you still have to apply for your State license if you think you might ever apply ferts. Just send the the application with a photo and don't forget the $50.00 bucks. Even if you don't use it, it'll be mandatory for LCO's to have it soon.

    You're on the right track! :waving:

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