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    hey all, just got back from vacation , didnt mow some lawns in 2-3 weeks cus of the drought and us being away. i got lots of calls from people complaining of weeds/crabgrass. it seems the people who r watering properly have no problem, the ones who arent have been invaded with weeds and crabgrass even though they were treated. i blame lack of water, are u guys/ladies having any similar problems? it should be no problem applying trimec at this point, should it? thanks
  2. Allyn

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    If it is over 85 degrees you are pushing it. You might kill the good lawn with the crab grass. I have lots of crab grass and spurge. But its a 105 and not much will kill it. If your people can wait until the first frost. That kills crab grass and spurge. But then it is fix the bear spot with seed or sod.

  3. MJB

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    I just bought some Bueno 6 for crabgrass. I heard you can spray up into the 90s and it works great for crabgrass etc even this late in the yr.

    I'll know in a few weeks if it worked.
  4. Evan528

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    I would test it on your own lawn first before applying it to 30 customers lawns!
  5. powerreel

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    I don't know a thing about cultural practices in NJ. Here you Don't spray a thing in the stress time. Wait 'till EARLY fall and do a turf rene. Be ready for the first rains and go for it. In the Northwest, Thanksgiving is THE best time to fert- you can do it once a year and do it then and only then. This may help... http://www.metrokc.gov/hazwaste/house/ :)

    One thing if weeds are under drought stress they aren't movin' sugars around so systemic herbicides won't work as good as they would under active growing conditions. For instance on crack weeds and spot sprays I use a contact herbicide now- but that won't work on turf. Wait till fall and do a a spray then aerate and overseed and do a balanced fall fert. :)

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