Weeds Have Over Taken!!

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by getoffmylawn, Jul 23, 2008.

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    Hey everyone this is my first post and was hoping some of you lawn guru's out there could help me. I have recently noticed in the last couple weeks the weeds have managed to take over my lawn and its starting to not look pretty at all. I'm sure to the average Joe out there cruising by in his car he wouldn't even notice but to a lawn guy like me I can't stand to even look out the window. I have taken some pics to help out to figure out what weeds are what I don't know much about them that's why I'm here for the help. I should mention that I live in central Minnesota and applied weed and feed earlier in the year and just recently applied 30-0-05 lawn fertilizer about 2 weeks ago. Is it to soon to hit the lawn with some type of spray, should I wait a few weeks? I have a jug of Ortho Weed-B-Gon with a spray gun, it says that it will kill over 200 weeds and not your lawn, but I'm skeptic on trying it and don't want brown spots all over. Any suggestions? Thanks

    Lawn 005.jpg

    Lawn 006.jpg

    Lawn 011.jpg

    Lawn 012.jpg

    Lawn 013.jpg
  2. cod8825

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    Your lawn is toast spray round up and start over:laugh::laugh::laugh:

    Just Kidding the first pic is creeping charlie and the second is oxalis. Both are managable but al little on the troublesome side to contain. your ortho weed be gone won't do much fo you. You will need something like Lesco Momentum FX2 or Q4 that will do it for the oxalis and the creeping charlie will probably need a second app or spray two weeks later.
  3. JDUtah

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    Looks like some plantain in there too? I suport the mometum.

    The last pic is mushrooms of some sort?.. do you let the soil surface dry out between waterings?
  4. ICT Bill

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    Have you thought about bending over and picking it out, how lazy have we become.

    This is obviously a homeowner that is saying "what can I spray" it would probably take longer to mix a batch of herbicide, then to pick out the weeds

    If you are so dedicated to your turf "STOP LOOKING OUT THE WINDOW" and go pull a couple weeds, JEEZ

    I'm done, off my soapbox
  5. Whitey4

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    That second pic.... well, thats a bit much for hand pulling, which I do every day on my lawn. I disagree about the Ortho 3 way.... it works OK, about as well as most 3-ways do. Spiked with some QuickSilver, it works pretty well. Usually a second app is needed about 3 weeks later, but watch your temps..... don't treat when it's really hot.
  6. tamadrummer

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    To me that first picture looks like pennywort/dollarweed.

    If you have weed-b-gone, use it. It should not harm the grass just don't use it in temps above 85 or you will probably burn it up.

    And oxalis is a royal pain in the ,,,,,, if you don't get it under control now! Exploding seed pods allow for this stuff to go and go for ever!

    As far as the plantain, it is just ugly and a pain in the butt! Pick what you can out and then spray the rest!
  7. rcreech

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    I'll pick a few weeds, but not thousands! Are you serious?
  8. Real Green

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    This is uncalled for. The man came here for a little help. What works for him, might not work for you. Do you have a suggestion for "organic" weed control...? NO, you don't? Then punch it in and shut off. Let him find the help he needs here and you move on to say the organic board, cause last time I checked, there is no ORGANIC in our title.

    I may never be done till the negativity on this board stops. I hope you have a great day ICT Bill, take care! :)
  9. JDUtah

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    Now you do plan on dieing someday, don't you? :laugh:
  10. rcreech

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    What is up with the organic people on our side lately? They are always trying to start crap?

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