Weeds in juniper?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by stangman, Sep 16, 2003.

  1. stangman

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    OK I was talking to a guy I work with and he said that there is a herbicide for weeds that pop up in juniper but he could not remeber what it was. Can anybody gimme a clue?
  2. Lacebark Boy

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    Do a search, this was discussed thouroughly just a few days ago!
  3. Lawnand LandscapePro

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    ORNAMIC is good for bremuda
  4. crawdad

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    ..and did they get an answer? or did everyone tell them to search?
  5. excel25

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    What kind of weed's??
  6. philk17088

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  7. bob

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    I learned about Lontrel this year. Its an "over the top" chemical that will kill weeds, but not plants with a wood type of growth. I also remember that its pricey.
  8. lordohturf

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    Lontrel is a great product for controling weeds in evergreens.
    If you read the label you can spray over the top in christmas tree
    nurseries and similar areas but it plainly says not to spray over the top in the landscape.

    With that said, most landscapers spray over the top with it on evergreens like junipers. If you go too hot, sorry no recourse.

    You can use as low as 1/8th oz. per 1000 sq. ft.

    The active ingredient is chlopyrilid which is one of the two actives in Confront. It is also on the chopping block of herbicides available for use in residential landscaping. Get it while it's still grandfathered for use in the residential market.

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