Weeds in newly sodded zoysia

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by turnipgreen, Jul 3, 2001.

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    I just sodded my yard in El Toro Zoysia, back in May. I obviously didn't do a good enough job getting rid of the stuff growing before putting down the sod, because now I have an assortment of weeds, most notably dallis grass and nutsedge, and an assortment of broadleafs. I went to a local feed and seed and was directed to a product containing MSMA for the dallis grass, and something else for the broadleafs. I plan on spot treating.

    Main question, if I follow the directions on the amount to mix, anything to worry about with my new zoysia (mostly wondering since it is only a couple months old).

    Also, I was told that using a fertilizer made by Lesco would be a better bet than the Scotts that is normally available in like Home Depot. Any pointers there?
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    All of the above sounds correct. Zoysia usually grows thick and keeps out weeds itself, as long as weeds are not too bad I would just pamper the grass, fertilize, and let it grow. Others who deal with Zoysia more often than me may offer better advise than I, maybe they will see this and post.

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