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    I was wondering what you guys use to control weeds that come up through areas of ivy or pachysandra. I have a couple of areas that have grass and wild onion growing up in them. Is there a spray that will take care of this and not kill the desirable plants.

    Also have large mass areas of blue rug junipers with weeds and wild chrysanthemum's as well as other weeds coming up through them. Is there a topical that will take care of this and not hurt the blue rugs? Thanks
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    A few ideas:

    junipers and other evergreens: Lontrel herbicide can be applied
    over the top (proceed with caution) in some situations. This gives
    great post emergence of many weeds without damaging your
    desirable plants. Read the label closely.

    Grasses: Fusilade works well on many grasses without damaging desirable plant material.

    Roundup: If you allow the leave to grow past your desirable plants, you can apply roundup with a wick to avoid desirable plant damage. It can also be applied right next to the stalks of
    desirable plants with no problem.
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    Will give them a try.

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