weeds in St Augustine lawn

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Sweet Tater, Jun 24, 2010.

  1. Sweet Tater

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    I am working wiht a lady trying to get this account, she has asked me what this weed is in her St Augustine grass and what to use to get rid of it. She will be applying as I am not lic to do it. just need a little help on what to suggest to her

  2. dgw

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    creeping charlie

    broadleaf herbicide
  3. dgw

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    that looks like fescue
  4. dgw

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  6. Keith

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    Many St. Augustine varieties are extremely sensitive to many herbicides. I would hesitate to recommend anything. Trimec can do a lot of damage to St. Augustine. Tell her what the weed is, and let someone else recommend a product to use. If she kills the grass, it's on the other guy.
  7. unkownfl

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    Let it grow out. Put some fert on it and let it grow to about 8 inches and cut it back to 5 for awhile it will choke it out.
  8. Firefighter337

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    What about lock-up? Granular, she could buy from a local fert and squirt house.

    Another option would be the end of the hose weed spray "safe for all lawns" 'kills 150 different weeds" from home depot or lowes. A few of my customers use it and live by it.
  9. Knight511

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    Second this... raise the mower. Let the St. Augustne grow taller to shade the soil better, water and feed the lawn... the augustine will choke it out in time.
  10. 81Bronk36

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    Scotts Bonus S will take care of that stuff. Not professional but I used it on my own lawn with excellent results for 2 years.

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