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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Athletic field, Jul 13, 2009.

  1. Athletic field

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    Local baseball field is having problems keeping weeds out of the warning track. I'm looking for a product that is an all kill combined with a preemergent. Any suggestions would be great. I have a z max that I'm thinking about using.
  2. foreplease

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    Prodeuce. I mix my own concoction when I do this, but Prodeuce is made to do what you want. I only use a pre-emergent once I have an infield or warning track in game condition. I get a lot of calls for this kind of thing - the whole warning track issue - and if there is no plan for maintenance other than to spray when it is overgrown, you are not going to be any better off next year than you are now. Most facilities below college level are unable to keep up with warning tracks, IMO, but they all want them.

    I would not put this stuff in a machine I use on lawns or other turf.
  3. Rtom45

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    Mixture of glyphosate and surflan.
  4. turf hokie

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    Glyphosate and dithiopyr. But not thru my z spray, in a dedicated sprayer.
  5. Runner

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    Glyphosate and surflan (brand Oryzalin) is what I always used for the warning tracks, too. I've used the PG for this, as it was at a school that had two fields with a warning track, and two girls softball fields with them. I planned ahead, sprayed up TO the end of the tracks, leaving 3 or 3 ft. at the end. I would end up at the end (depending on which way I was headed to the next field). I carried a small quantity of soapwater and a brush to rinse the tires. I would do this in this little area I reserved, then back off with the sprayer on low, and move on to the next.
    Other times, I have done them with a backpack. I have found a method - or technique, rather...that allows you to spray and cover wider areas with a backpack at nearly 3 or 4 times the speed of ordinary spraying with a backpack. You can cover ALOT of area - FAST.
  6. foreplease

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    Hmmm...do you just divide by a smaller number or what (ducking) :laugh:

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