Weeds keep coming back

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by chevyguy$$, Apr 3, 2010.

  1. chevyguy$$

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    New client says she paid 2 companies 2 stop the weeds and they keep coming back and she want mulch installed in the front and the back but the side of the house she want the mulch pulled up and grass seed down... so i went 2 the garden centers in my area and showed them the weed every center told me to do something different...what do you guys think????





  2. jvanvliet

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    You can mix a backpack sprayer with a 5% glyco & 2% Pendulum Aquacap solution... the "roundup" will kill the weeds, the Pendulum will act as a preemergent, you'll have to spray the entire bed, not just the weeds. The pendulum has a yellow/orange dye in it so you can check the ground coverage, this will disapear in time. I use this solution in South Florida, home of the weeds and it is effective for up to 6 or 7 months if the soil is not disturbed.

    You'll need at least a limited applicators license... at least you do in FL so check the requirements where you live and work.
  3. Think Green

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    Pendulum Aqua-cap, Barricade, Preen, Snapshot, Dacthal, and Freehand will require soil contact to work. That black plastic will prevent activation!!!
    After the bed heats up the products will volatilize and become ineffective quickly. So, don't sell the job on a quick fix program. Customers need to realize that nothing is weed free from one application.
    Put mulch back in at 3-4 inches thick after weeding the beds out. Treat with gly for broadleaf return and if you get grassy weeds,then apply Ornamac OTT according to label.
  4. chevyguy$$

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    i just tryed round up quick pro it says works in 24 hours and after that im going to go with a weed and grass preventer than put mulch down than apply it again on top of the new mulch i will let you kno how it come out...
  5. kirk1701

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    I agree with ThinkGreen, only I'd take the mulch up, get rid of the garbage bags as they are going to degrade not to mention smother out the plants thats also in the bed. Put down landscaping paper, the 15 or 25 year stuff. I have it all the way around my house and very little round up needing to be done and maintenance free for years :)
  6. MileHigh

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    Pick all the weeds out by hand...

    Get a pesticides applicators license, or park the truck a block down the street.

    Spray a chit ton of Pre-Emergent weed killer down.

  7. betmr

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    This is what I think needs to be done there: Remove all the old mulch, It appears to have composted into a nice soil, giving those weeds a nice warm bed to grow up in. Put in 3 to 4 inches of new mulch. And put down a Pre-emergent Herbicide. Mulch is not forever. Over time it decomposes into rich soil, and needs to be replaced. Kind of Nature's way of soil regeneration.

    I don't think those are garbage bags. Looks like weed fabric exposed. The reason the fabric is not working, is the weeds are actually growing out of the soil, that the old mulch has become, above it. Rip the whole thing out, weeds and all, and start fresh. The client my not like the higher labor cost, but, it's a normal expence of Landscape maintenance. That stuff is no longer mulch, it has become dirt.
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    What is wallaa? Do you mean voila? lol
  9. grugreen

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    The weed looks like a thistle in the picture. If Canadian Thistle, a patch of them can be hard to get rid of. Looks like Can Thistle, correct if wrong.
  10. grugreen

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    None of the Pre Ms are going to work if those are thistles. You will be wasting her and your money.

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