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Weeds out of control


LawnSite Member
Indianapolis, IN
I have a new home with a lawn I just seeded and just had going last year. It almost seems like I have more clover than grass and my grass looks horrible. I still have a few bare spots, so I seeded my back yard again on Sunday and put down some fertilizer on Wednesday. My grass isn't the best quality yet as I didn't use a really high quality seed(big mistake).

Is it possible to use some sort of weed and feed to kill off the clover without harming the seed? It makes my yard look ten times worse than it really is. I'm so concerned about getting the rest of my lawn to come in that my priority was to fill in the lawn, then go after weeds, but this will drive me crazy if I have to wait a couple of months to attack the weeds.


Critical Care

LawnSite Bronze Member
Central Oregon
Didn't see any pictures... but for whatever it's worth, to be on the safe side I'd wait the two months. I know, that's all you need are a lot of knee high weeds, but at the same time you wouldn't want to wipe out the tender new grass that's coming up. And... some weeds this time of the year are pretty tough to knock out.

You already put down fertilizer and so you probably don't want to dump more weed and feed on it anyway. All I could suggest is to spot spray with a liquid 2,4-D (broadleaf weed killer). Add a little bit of surficant, or spreader sticker, to the chemical and then try to spray only the foliage of the clover - if possible. Choose a time when you can spray without having to water the lawn, so that the chemical will have a chance to act... could be tricky with a new seed that needs to stay moist.

I'd wait a while myself, but I can understand your anxiety.