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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by stslawncare, Jun 6, 2001.

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    Hey guys, while doing some work on my grandparents farm last weekend we decided to mow a path around the perimeter of the pastures, we have a total of 3. now and prior to this we would like to kill all the weeds and grass against the fencing, between the long gravel driveway, all the fencing, plus some we have a lot of killing to do, the pastures total about 5 acres i believe, we want to kill all the grass in the driveway, and along all fencing, stuff around the fencing is just what we cant get with mower, way to much to weedwack,
    QUESTION IS.........
    with all this weed killing we figured its not to smart to buy a hole bunch of those 2 gallon round up contaner. we have two 2 gallon sprayers, and are considering buying a 20 gallon or so pull behind sprayer. we are wondering if there is a supplier that we can buy large quantities of weed killer at a reasonable cost, esp cheaper than roundup. also what is the best out of these? how good are they? storage is no concern nor do we mind adding water etc etc. thanks for ur help
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    Try the pesticide forum? I know Lesco sells their brand of weed killer that does the same job as roundup that's about $20 cheaper.
  3. MOW ED

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    If your grandpa is a licensed applicator then he should be able to get great results with glyphosate + scythe http://www.cdms.net/manuf/products.asp?product=scythe

    Read about it.

    If not then the roundup alone will do the trick on killing the vegetation. Good luck. Work Safe.
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    suggest that you look for local farmers rather tha buy .
    they can save you a lot of money with what to use
    and the may already have it on hand . also for drive ways you need to sterilize the soil where the weed is coming up .later
  5. Freetime

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    Round up is the best for weed control on the fence line also, use a tracking dye to know where you have been (blue dye).
    Soil sterility chemical is (Contain) liquid sold in quart and expensive works well for driveways. You can buy Round up in a 55 Gallon container, which from the size of area you are trying to kill would be the most cost effective.

    IF you are spraying the fields, most farmers and hay cutters around here use Grazon plus a sticker/spreader to keep weeds out of the coastal Bermuda hay, it is expensive but makes for better food.

    Spray rig for spot spray= Solo back pack 4 gallon (for the drive and around house) $80.00 to $100.00 depending on how fancy you want to get (padded straps are more comfortable)

    Large sprayer (20 to 50 gallon) 12 volt electric with boom and spot wand, adjustable pressure regulator with a recalculating agitator (mixer). $150.00 to $500.00 depending on bells and whistles.

    Diaphram pump= for harsh chemicals, powdered mixes, “wetable” chemicals.

    Piston pump= Roundup and most other liquid chemicals.

    Also, when you are going to spray let the weeds get “tall” and do not cut first, the more LEAF SERFACE THE WEED KILLER HITS THE BETTER THE KILL.

    Weather plays a part in how good the chemical works:

    1.you spray and it rains a lot the kill wont last as long say 2 months verses 4
    2.you spray when weeds are dormant from lack of rain and weeds do not take the chemical up.
    3.not the right temp for the chemical being sprayed means less effect

    Hope this helped?
    :) ;)
  6. Mr.Ziffel

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    Don't want to jump all over anyone's advice and most of it is good, but before you spend a lot of money unnecessarily, DO NOT buy a 55 gallon drum of RoundUp! Thats a lifetime plus supply for 5 acres of pasture edging. A 2.5 gallon jug of concentrate and a 2.5 gallon jug of an adjuvant [spreader/sticker] will be more than enough to manage your perimeter for this season. It will also be cheaper if you go to the Farm Supply store nearby and buy generic salts of glyphosate as mentioned. If you mix it with some Crossbow brand or other type of broadleaf weed killer you'll probably get better results, at least here we do. You can also use this on the driveway for the initial kill and use a granular later which I find to be cheaper--I use monobor chlorate. All these chemicals are available over the counter to the unlicensed person in my state.

    I had a pasture I thought my neighbor was going to clean up and use this spring but it didn't happen due to miscommunication. The portion I wanted cleaned up is 1500' long, with a painted wooden 6" fence post every 8'. I mowed each side of the fence close enough so I didn't have to worry about hitting the posts, coming within about 2 to 4 inches of the posts. This is 3 foot tall pasture grass with some weeds. I then made a second pass weaving in and around the posts and under the bottom wooden fence rail. I then went back with my FS85 Stihl and cleaned up around each post. I then sprayed with a mixture of Embark plant growth regulator and 2,4D. This took me under 3 hours working alone [I sprayed two days later--took 20 minutes including mixing] and I didn't rip up the wooden posts.

    I use a 15 gallon sprayer from Costco, which also in the past has had 1 gallon bottles of RoundUP concentrate but I haven't seen them lately. In re-reading your post I see you want to spray before you mow, but I don't think this is a good idea. Your first mower pass will discharge everything towards the center of the field and your second cleanup pass will have less to shoot out and spread it over the previous swath. Then when you spray a couple of days later, you'll have a good area of growing plants to spray and will be left with an already mowed area which doesn't grow instead of having to spray tall growth.

    Also to save you money, DO NOT buy one of those wheeled, push behind string trimmers to do this job. DAMHIKT [Don't ask me how I know this]. I have done a lot of pasture clearing, edge clearing and brush cleanup on my place over the last three years with an eye toward economy so if I can help you with any other experience, especially if you have blackberries, let me know. Good luck, Will M>
  7. Freetime

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    Called my AG guy today to find out size and price on Roundup Ultra Max, was told “the old Roundup” is being phased out.

    2.5 gallon $133.00

    15 gallon $44.36 per gallon = $665.40

    30 gallon $42.00 per gal (probably)

    120 gallon $40.00 per gal (probably)
  8. stslawncare

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    ever wonder how much we are paying for the brandname, like "roundup" there has to be some other brand not as popular to the "homeowner" that is cheaper.

    AVRECON LawnSite Senior Member
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    I was driving my mower up into the back of my Cube van and hit a 2.5 gal. jug of Round-Up. My blades continue to turn after they are turned off, well any way I hit the jug and wathed a $125.00 worth of the stuff drain trough the bottom of the floor. Talk about being pissed, I had only used about a quart of it Geeeze!
  10. Freetime

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    Yes sir, they do it every day, look on the label of quart container of Roundup “super” at the home improvement store active ingredient is maybe 18% product rest is filler. Sells for eh $25.00 per quart x 4= 1 gallon $100.00 of 18% concentrate.

    2.5 gallon of Roundup Ultra Max 50% active sells for $66.50 per gallon of 50% concentrate.

    Lets see, who is Monsanto going to take care of the farmer/commercial sprayer or home owner Joe?

    Home owner Joe returns a bottle of Roundup to Home improvement joint “this blankdy, blankdy crap don’t work” so what ain’t no skin off nobodys nose they pay him his $25.00 and down the road he goes.

    Farmer/ commercial sprayer brings back 120 gallon container of Roundup “this here blankdy, blankdy $hit don’t work, I just sprayed 50 acres 3 weeks ago and it’s not dead” he will probably get 240 gallons and a lot of butt kissing.

    AVRECON= just be glad it wasn't already mixed with blue dye, it would have given you a messy paint job. :D

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