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    Bought a home in June there are a ton of weeds in the grass.I would say it is 70 percent weed, 30 percent grass.How should I go about killing the weeds and getting a nice looking yard. I have dogs but they are house dogs and are only on the lawn a small percentage of the time.
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    Pay a reputable local lawn care company to set up a treatment program for a year or so until the lawn is under control.
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    Spraying is the most effective way to get the weeds under control. The temps are starting to come down but I would wait until the temps are not cresting 85 before doing that. You're probably better off with an experinced LCO for this and the reason I say this is that spraying equipment is somewhat expensive and not exactly easy to use. There are different types of chemicals you can use based on the types of weeds in the yard.

    Once the weeds are on the way out and a couple of weeks have passed you will need to aerate and overseed using a slit seeder.

    Option 2 if it's really bad is to round-up the whole thing killing everything.

    Depends on the size of the yard as to the equipment you'll need. If it's small to reasonably sized you can probably rent most of the equipment locally.


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