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    Guys, help me understand the process. When I use pre-m it never seems to do much good. Within 2 weeks of putting it down I always have to spray for broadleafs. Is it not cheaper to fertilize a yard and then spray for broadleafs since I'm going to have to do that anyway? I really don't get it.
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    Pre-M ---prevents annual grasses(crabgrass,foxtail etc) and a few broadleaf weeds. however it does not kill EXISTING weeds. When you apply this I imagine your getting excellent results preventing problems later in the summer. When you apply this product next week check the lawn for existing weeds and you'll notice they will still be there in a few weeks
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    You have to put down pre-m before the weeds start actively growing.
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    the weeds growing now for the most part are winter annuals and can be controlled better either by touching up braodleaf on round one, or applying the pre em as a late fall application to prevent them nest spring. i do the first approach.
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    Pre-em is fine for crabgrass, it does not do much for broadleaf weeds. Controls broadleaf weeds only if the seed is tiny and the Pre-em rate is high.
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    Gee here we go again, I'm getting tired of all the weed bashing that goes on here. If it weren't for weeds where would we all be ? I love the sight of Broadleaf in the morning......looks like.....like.... Money !
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    Now, to the OP. When you saw "pre-m" What exact chemical are you talking about? just curious...

    Now most all preemergents applied in the spring for lawns are for "grassy weeds" only. However they may provide some broadleaf control, like spurge with pendimethilin for example. But none are going to prevent dandilions and other normal spring weeds. Most of these weeds germinated in the middle of winter anyway.

    I always have to plan on spraying boradleafs between my first and second round, though if they can WAIT I can use the permagreen and catch then as I fertilize on round 2. This year I unleased a preemptive strike and sprayed 3 way ester and cool power (same thing) and any weeds I saw while I was putting down round 1. I'd like to NEVER see a yellow flower in any of my lawns!
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    Here we go again with someone not knowing what they are doing. You need a license for this. If he had a license he would not be posting this question. I am surprised that there have been answers posted to this question. :hammerhead:
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    Unfortunately, this isn't necessarily true. We are seeing an influx in states that as long a you can read and write, you are good to go. Answer a few questions about putting the lid on straight, and bada bing, you got a license.
    RM n WS, this is NOT directed at you, ^ and please don't take it wrong, or take it as that. The fact that you are asking questions is a good thing. Some careful research will certainly benefit you as well. Even studying the labels of these products gives you alot of info.
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