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  1. thompsonslawncare

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    Ok well im in my 2nd year of business im not that smart when it comes to the whole seeding thing but i have a lady that would like something put in her yard to kill the weeds any ideas thanks for the help
  2. raptor1bravo

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    I'm not a pro at this yet......But I own 2 acres that was just a farm field. I put Weed and Feed down twice in the last 5 years and I am impressed how good it works! It doesn't get rid of all the weeds but it gets most of them!

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  3. SuperiorService.110mb.com

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    Lesco weed and feed will take care of your broadleaf weeds, then wait about 3-4 weeks and go back with a liquid spray for the other weeds and just selectively spray them. If it is bad you may need to reapply in Fall. Tell them to mow at around 3.5"
  4. thompsonslawncare

    thompsonslawncare LawnSite Member
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    hey thanks guys...i was thinking weed and feed also but wanted to make sure...also i have never had a job where i had to seed or anything so what kind of push spreaders do you guys like...thanks again...im still new to some of this but im learning.
  5. LB1234

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    FYI, to legally put "weed & feed" down on your customers property you need a license.
  6. betmr

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    Refer to the above post. A licensed Pesticide applicator will know what to do. It is against the law for anyone to apply Pesticides (Weed killer/ Insect killer) without a License to do so, for hire. This lady can do it for herself, but it is Illegal for you to do it for her, unless you are Licensed by your state, which I doubt, or you would not be asking.
  7. thompsonslawncare

    thompsonslawncare LawnSite Member
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    well how do i go about getting that....thanks for all the help
  8. betmr

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    I don't know what state you are in, but most that I know of, require you to pass certain tests, showing you have knowledge of chemicals, equipment, weeds, insects, storage, calibration, record keeping, notification, and many other things. For specific information on your location, contact your county Ag Extension. In New Jersey, the N.J. Dept. of Environmental Protection regulates Pesticides.

    P.S. You have to ask yourself if the amount of Pesticide work you get, worth all this effort, or should you hook up with someone licensed to sub your work to?
  9. thompsonslawncare

    thompsonslawncare LawnSite Member
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    well i guess it would be something good to get depending on cost of all of it...never know how much business like this i will get could be worth it..maybe not
  10. Runner

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    What state are you in? Some states are just about impossible to get licensed in if you are working for yourself. However, you can get a lawn care service to take care of it for you for a little kickback commission on accounts you get for them that is how I do it. I pay x amount for accounts that lawn maintenance companies approach me with. I give them REALLY nice grass to mow, and in return, the treatments are done right, their customers are happy, and so am I.

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