weedwacker difference straight/curved??

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by MIlawncareservice, Feb 5, 2009.

  1. MIlawncareservice

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    I am getting ready to purchase a new weedeater. My question is whats better/difference/pros/cons the straight shaft or curved, I see curved is cheaper but not sure why? I plan on purchasing from the echo line at homedepot.

  2. RGM

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    I work at depot part time the 230 is a good unit to start with but its not the same as a good srm 260 you get at a dealer. The 260 is a much better unit and curved shafts just don't last as long and can/t get under everything. I use the home depot stock line that comes in the 3 lb spool the .105 it comes in a square or star shape much cheaper then the echo line and lasts just as long
  3. KrayzKajun

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    whts a weedwacker?? jus kiddin

    al depends on yur preference on strait or curved
  4. olde_blue

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    My first pro-grade string trimmer was a Stihl FS-75 (a curved shaft trimmer with the pro-grade engine--no longer made). I bought it because it was cheap and significantly lighter (8.8 lbs) than a straight shaft FS-85 (~10.8 lbs). The only straight-shaft I had used before was very heavy and clumsy.

    The FS-75 still works great, but I retired it and replaced it with a straight-shaft trimmer, an FS100RX. With a reasonably light straight shaft, you can trim faster and with greater precision. When you move a curved shaft trimmer from side to side, the head swings like a pendulum, making it harder to keep level, slowing you down. This disadvantage, combined with the shorter reach of curved shafts, make them much slower for mowing slopes and odd corners.

    Be sure to handle various trimmers to check out the balance, comfortableness of the handles, etc.

    Check out Redmax and Kawasaki, as well as Home Depot's Echo. Both make a decent straight-shaft trimmer for around $220.

    DLAWNS LawnSite Fanatic
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    I think it depends on your personal preference. Personally myself, I like the straight shaft trimmers and I use all Redmax. I wouldn't really buy from Home Depot...I would check out some local dealers. I think the little bit of extra money you might spend would be well worth it.
  6. paradisescaper

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    i run 2 echo 230's and they have done an excellent job. they are now 2 years old and im looking for another probally just going to go with the 230. i can get a 210 for $200, the 230 is $270 and the sthil fs 90 is $300 since ive had minimal problems ill just stick with what i got
  7. FYS777

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    I Like straight shaft, easier to reach under shrubs and trees, can see were your string is cutting better, easier to rake on trailer, easier to trim edges with, better balance for extended use less fatigue. but then again its what you like or can afford at this time.
  8. 4.3mudder

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    Usually, the curved shaft trimmers are for shorter people, and the straight shaft is usually used by taller, and some shorter people also. The main problem with the curved shaft is the cable inside, they do not last like a hollow steel rod inside a straight shaft. Also, many manfucatures DO NOT recommend using attachments such as a brush blade on a curved shaft because of the torque it will snap the cable. Stihl I think makes a solid or hollow steel shaft in their straight shafts, but all the curves are cable and just do not compare to a steel shaft.
  9. RollTide11

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    Buy the straight one
  10. FYS777

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    The above is true cable weak steal shaft stronger, very much more life for comr. application:):)

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