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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by thrasher428, Apr 11, 2008.

  1. thrasher428

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    What is the best mower for weedy lots? Cutting them at 3 inches and above. I run Exmarks but I am having to run over everything at least twice to get most of the stragglers. I live in Middle Tn. Thanks for the help in advanced.
  2. cgaengineer

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    Weeds dont cut very well...I have the turbo force deck and I have found that you may just have to slow down a bit in the bad spots...I also noticed that with the baffle nearly closed that the weeds did cut better, but dandelions still stood after mowing (This was the only weed that could take it). I wondering if a lower lift blade would cut weeds better then a high lift.
  3. ffemt1271

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    i have the same problem, i just run over them twice, i also found out for the tougher weeds that it will cut them if you back over them.
  4. pyromedic

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    I would be be ecstatic to find out what will cut the weeds, I bought the XDZ144 in October and have not been able t omow the weeds worth a dang, this unit has continually clogged the chute and I have spent a lot of time under the deck and have been generally unhappy with the ability to cut my property. I have seen the larger deck openings on other units and think that this may be the problem but I have yet to get it to cut the property any better than my worn out 15yo Snapper joystick.

    Stay safe.
  5. Razorblades

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    I've heard alot of good reports on the EverRide warrior being great at cutting tall, wet grass. It has probably the largest discharge opening in the industry. If you can, check them out on their website. Razorblades.

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