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    So how much rain will it take to bring lawns that only have had
    1/4 of inch of rainin the pass month,++ 3rd week of the 90's with
    the heat index in the 105 area 3 out of every 7 days. my guess
    is 2 days of slow rain, like that will happen. NW corner of ILL,
    Still no relief in site.Now only mowing 15 to 25 a week out of 52.:mad: :angry: :blob2: :cry:
  2. MOW ED

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    A good all day soaker will bring them back to some extent but the old inch a week saying is the cure for spring like growth. We were terribly dry up here for about a month but I only lost 1 weeks worth of cuts. We are getting some pretty heavy morning dew and that seems to help a little also.
    This heat and dryness isn't supposed to happen until Mid August, last year it rained here once a week, usually at night and it was my best run ever - 32 weeks -every customer -every week.

    Good Luck. Do a rain dance.:blob3:
  3. Premo Services

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    It has been pretty dry in St. Louis also, but with the high humidity, and heavy morning dew. :) I have not had to skip one cut yet! Would like to see some decent rain and cooler temps. The heat, and humidity are wearing me down.:(
  4. GroundKprs

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    Re-greening will vary depending on the location (full sun, partial sun) and the ongoing temperarures. To effect greenup of dormant cool season grasses in the summer, daily watering for a week or more is usually necessary.

    But he most important consideration for you is the long term existence of the turf. Cool season grasses can survive for up to 6-8 weeks with no water, but after that they begin to die. I have seen turf die in just 3 weeks, with no water and an especially hot exposure. Dead turf will appear as a dark color - blackisk patches - as opposed to the tan color of dormancy. Advise your clients that irrigation is necessary to help the grass survive, not to re-green it. A good soaking of entire lawn every 2-3 weeks will make sure that it does return from dormancy when cooldown and rains come.
  5. Guido

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    Since you have few lawns that need mowing right now, and they are not long enough to bale hay, lemme suggest something to do in your "spare" time.

    1. Equipment maintenance - this is a good time to catch up on all the neglected stuff that should be getting done, preventive maintenance, cleaning, etc.

    2. Customer relations - Now is the time when you have the time to run around and chat with your customers to make sure evrything is up to par between you. This will also help lead into # 3 .........

    3. ADD ON SERVICES!! Go around and make suggestions for services you could offer or sub out that would help enhance your clients property. Maybe theres a tree that needs pruned, or a bed that needs mulched, driveway to be sealed, etc, etc.

    You can take advantage of the down time very easily if you put your mind to it.

    DISCLAIMER: I wasn't trying to say that you guys are sitting on the couch drinking beer all day, this is just for those people that might be because they don't know any better (Or do they? :) )

    Hope this helps spark up some ideas!
  6. dhicks

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    No rain here in western Maryland for almost 3 weeks. Lawns are in bad shape due to drought conditions. Most of my customers have cancelled for the up coming week. Will do tree pruning and shrubs to keep busy. If it gets real bad, I'll do some time at Best Buy. I can't stand sitting at home. On the flip side, I'm getting some much deserved rest. Did not work on Saturday and watched movies and played the P.C. Not all bad, eh?:blob4:
  7. thelawnguy

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    I didnt even bother to saddle up today. Took the kids for a ride on an old steam train and paddle boat instead.

    The rest of the week will be reserved for finishing up my hedge trimming jobs.

    Then we will see what the following week will bring. Say your prayers :angel:
  8. The_Outlaw

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    It's been dry around here, but I've not missed even 1 mow... It seems that the weeds are growing quite well, and a lot of my jobs (which are all commercial) I have to mow, just to keep the weeds down. Only 2 accounts have even gone into dormancy, and that just happened last week. I have another 2 accounts that are starting to re-green very nicely... they never went into a totally dormant state. I try to mow everything a lot higher when conditions get like this.... so far it seems to have worked :)
  9. cantoo

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    I'm thinking of getting a small stumb grinder to play with when things are slow or dry. I will get paid to remove the stump and it will take less time to do the yards and it will put me in contact with more people who might need lawn cutting. Stumps can be done anytime of the year and don't have to be done a certain day either, should be good fill in work.
  10. crazygator

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    You have a really great idea! I too have thought several times about a stump grinder.
    Back to this thread, I think adding irrigation to your customers who can and will do it might help. As stated above, if you can't do it just sub it out. It can and will make your life much easier, giving plenty of green to smile at. Or maybe just ask them to add several above ground/garden hose sprinklers and see what happens. You might be surprised as to how many will do it. Maybe even offer some type maintenance contract, and you set them out for the customer if they wont do it personally. I hope it rains for you soon!

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