Week before Mem. day and Lco quits.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by affprop, May 25, 2004.

  1. affprop

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    Well yesterday I get a call from the town hall. Steve, could you come down and talk to us a minute, I am like sure I guess. So anyway I go down to the town hall and she starts explaining to me about what happened to the bidding process in the spring. ( I bid on the town, have been doing the town for twelve years, I lost it to this scrub who was in his first year to price. and I guess I ought to say that I was exremely ticked but again part of the business.) So anyway and as you guessed the scrub quit, and they needed me to mow all the town before memorial day. That is 26 cemeteries, 11 traffic islands, two town halls two fire stations a park and ride, library and transfer station. in four days!!! So I said sure lets talk money, my original bid was $6500.00 for the season. cemeteries and some othere places only have to be mowed two to three times a year. The other guy bid are you ready $1500.00 for the season. I am like no way could I mow for that and also everything is 3ft high. So I told her that it would be another thousand or they could find someone else. They paid it. Now it is supposed to rain all week, which so far it has. I got alot of it done sunday and I hope to get some more done today. This was my first experience with this type of situation, I hope I handeled it ok.
  2. chevyman1

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    you handled it with class and never undersold yourself, good job
  3. upsondown

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    ditto chevyman ! Bet they will think twice next time they look at low bidders.
  4. needa

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    affprop, excellent way to not only help your bottom line, but also get the city out of a pinch. Your job is only partly finished. Make sure you start selling your service to the decision makers. Don't waste your time with trying to get them to avoid the bidding process, it's gov, they have to do it. What you want to do is make sure addidiontal criteria is evaluated on the reponses. Things like references similar in size to the rfp, years in service etc. In other words, make sure price is not the only thing considered. Just my 2cents, I don't have any commercial lawn experience, but I do have a ton of government contract experience.
  5. upsondown

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    Some states permit "proficiency" as part of the determination factors - while yet others do not. We do many state contracts and it's oftentimes frustrating when the only factor that is considered is the bottom line - low bidder. While there are cursory evaluations of "qualified" bidders - it nevertheless places the procurement manager and his or her agency in a precarious position letigiously if - after receiving a bid to - declare the firm unqualified for the award. This is an example where ones proficiency was obviously not much of a factor in awarding the new contract - and thus the low bidder got it based on price alone - and the result could have been quite devestating for the town. A wise procurement agent would have incorporated a cancellation clause whereby the bidder upon default would be responsible for the difference between their bid - and that of what the contractor now is being paid - above the original contract amount. That in itself weeds out and scares away the rif raff from bidding - and is a commonplace clause here in Virginia when dealing with the state.
  6. BobInMN

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    If I'm not mistaken, by law, the city will go after the first LCO for the cost of hiring you. I know thats how it is written in most government contracts. If you try walking out on it you pay the cost to hire someone else.

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    I have gotten to the point where I just overprice yards I don't want or just tell people I don't want them if they are horrible. That way if they say yes to my overpriced bid than I am happy to do it. It makes me kind of nervous that they are going to get mad though. Hehehe...
  8. creativedan

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    Is $6500.00 per cut or entire season?
  9. MudslinginFX4

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    I would hope per cut.... but he said season above. Hey affprop, how many acres or square feet is that? I must be picturing sometihing way to big to only be $6500 a season. thats only $185 a week for all of that if your doing it 35 weeks a year.
  10. BigEd

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    26 cemetaries, thats alot of cemetaries in one town. I thought most cemetaries are owned by churches or private organizations, atleast around here they are . Just making an observation. Oh yeah your profile says you been in business for 8 years , but you stated you have been cutting the town for 12 years. Thats sounds like alot of work for $ 6500. how big are the cemetaries.

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