Weekend in Florida

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by Flow Control, Jan 15, 2008.

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    Came across some cheap tickets to Florida for a 3 night trip. Figured why not since we aren't in season. I have 3 sets of relatives in SW Florida. After talking to my relatives, 2 of the 3 asked for some ditch digger help. The one just needed there programmed checked to make sure they were following the watering restrictions. The other had a pool installed and some areas were not working. The program was good on the timer. And the other house that was built in 05 and had a pool installed totally blew my mind on how they installed it. The single family home is part of a couple hundred home complex on a loop system. You would think that since they are used to watering restrictions in the area they would install a system that was somewhat efficient. Instead they install the systems so each house is one zone, full shade, part shade, fun sun and flowerbeds areas all on the same zone. Nice...... Forgot to mention, the pool thing turned out to be a $250 in parts and 8 hours of labor ordeal. Told them next time they are calling the local company and helping the local economy.
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    Sounds like a fun VACATION!!!????

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