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How many of you take saturday and sunday off?. And why? I try to make this arrangement every year. I have never worked on Sunday. But never been able to have saturday off the whole season. I got all my work done this week mon-fri. I know we get the some of the winter off but unless you have banked enough money to go to the bahamas to live for awhile. There is really nothing to do. As I approach 40. I am getting antsy about spending the beautiful summer months working all the time. I spend Sunday cleaning and maintaining the equipment or washing the vehicles, paying bills etc. I am going to try and do that saturday morning and just enjoy life the rest of the day and sunday before I am too old to do that GO to the lake etc. I have read that workaholism is just as bad a alcholism. The saying that money can't buy you happiness is true. Especially when you have to sacrifice 6 days a week of your life to get it. Money as we know makes life more tolerable. But I think people need a balance between work and recreation. Work too much and ignore your wife/girlfriend/kids/your health and they are soon gone. Well I am going to try and stop and smell the roses.


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I try not to work weekends. I don't schedule any lawns for a Saturday. If I get backed up I will do the misc. jobs that I can't get to during the week. Some may say it's too much to give up, but I need the balance. My gravestone won't say "should have spent more time with family"


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I hardly ever work Sat or Sun. When people ask if I do I just say life is too short. I have too many hobbies and a family. What good is the money if you can't enjoy it now. When my grandpa died my grandma told me- He was a great provider but he never knew his kids. And he was a farmer. I took this to heart.
Hello:<p>You guys are right, I've been there & done that.<p>Working the kind of work you have to do 5 days a week & 8 to 10 hours a day is enough. <p>If your paying others overtime to do this, you aren't getting much, for more money. <p>Quality of work & amount of work reduces drastically. It's sort of like throwing money in the fire.<p>40 or 50 hours a week in 5 days is enough, if you can't make it in that amount of time, you might need to try to find out what is wrong?<p>Yes, I've worked way more hours than that & did it for years, LOL I did it at other companies expense not mine. No way I'm forking out more for less. Life is to short & I'm to smart!<p>Money is work divided by time!<p>----------<br>GrassMaster - Home: www.lawnservicing.com<br>My Start Up Page www.lawnservicing.com/startup/


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Charles, of all the posts on this forum, In my opinion, this is the most important advice offered.It's easy to live in the future. One day were gona have this,or that , and it's gona be great. But we sacrifice today for it. Be wise and manage your life, not just your buiseness.<p>----------<br>Bobby <br>Ft Lauderdale


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I hate to work on the weekends. Sometimes it can't be avoided. If I see that I'm getting behind I'll work harder and longer just to be off Sat. and Sun. If I do work on Sat. I try to make it just a half day. Today I had to do two lawns that I couldn't get to this week. Guess what, I slept an extra hour then did my jobs. Was done by 11:00 and had time the rest of the day for me and my wife.


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Seems I work every Saturday that rolls in. Tried to get off to a good start this year by bringing on a full time helper. That ain't working out too well because he always has problems of one kind or another. I had one real good week and that has been all, actually did take that Saturday off. I have 5 schools to cut as well and it's hard to do them during the week. As soon as school is out I'm gonna give it another whirl. I have thought about thinning out or either not taking on any more accounts but if the people want to go with a yearly plan it's hard to turn that work down. I'm going to work harder at refining my route, becoming more efficient at the entire operation, and hope we can take at least one or two off during the month!<p>Homer


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Charles:<br>I haven't had a day off since the middle of March and I'm getting real bitter about it. I am trying to work toward having weekends off also but untill I get some keeper employees, I'm stuck. <br>My problem is learning to say no to new business and be satisfied with the money I already earn and the business I already have.<br>I have employees but not enough.<br>Bad thing is that when I took time off last year I felt guilty about it. I have no doubt that I am sick.<br>


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Its now Sunday morning and I am reading the new posts before I head out to mow 2 small commercial properties and then go plant several bushes. Like OSC said, If I don't work I feel guilty. One day this week I hope to work a half day but I have some big projects to complete for customers that have been waiting over a month. If there is money to be made you'd better believe I'm gonna be outside. The funniest thing is when someone calls on a Wednesday at noon and I answer the phone at home they assume I am a slacker! If they only knew what our bodies go through. They sit in front of a computer or even better they are swinging golf clubs all day. But I'm not bitter, I chose this line of work and am thankful that I have been successful. Maybe next year I will hire someone in the Spring.


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I try not to work on weekends but have done it on Saturdays only and only in times of being behind. Most customers are residential and they are out in the yards and I don't want to be the uninvited guest. Sundays are a big no for work. <br>Spring is crush time for all of us. It gets a little overwhelming. The thing is, I sit in all winter and can't wait until spring. Then spring comes and I'm wishing that the summer dormant season starts. Keep the good things in mind if you are really tight for free time. You could be working in a hot factory or be stuck inside an office. <br>What we do is work, hard work most times but I like it. Good Luck.

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