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  1. Mason2016

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    I need some advice. Say a possible client wants a quote on mowing their yard. It's 1 acre and has normal weed eating. You are willing to mow their yard weekly for $45. How do you price it for a biweekly mowing? I understand that on a biweekly the yard wont look at nice, it's more time spent due to going slower bc the grass is taller and harder on your mower. So how do you price the biweekly if that is what they want? Thanks in advance.
  2. Aaron Cover

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    i would 1.5x to 2x our price for biweekly mowing
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  3. Hawkshot99

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    How desperate for work are you? There is more than just the fact of the grass is double the length that makes a every other week lawns suck. It also can wreak havoc on your schedule.
    I personally hate them and am not desperate for work. On a $45 weekly lawn I either just tell them every other week is not a option, or the price is $90 every other week. There are plenty of other guys who will work harder for less out there.
    I have 1 lawn as a every other week cut. He lives next door to a person I worked for long time. I could see that the lawn does not grow much at all. In the heavy growth time of spring it will still be shorter than my weekly lawns.
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  4. weeze

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    you guys are crazy if you can get those prices. if that was the case i would have all bi weekly yards since you are getting double the pay.

    around here it would be $50 weekly or $60 bi weekly.
  5. Hawkshot99

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    I don't actually get that for a 2 week lawn. I don't do 2 week lawns. When you tell them the double price they realise weekly is the way to go. If not, there are plenty of other people they can call.
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  6. Mason2016

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    I'm just starting out in the lawn care business so I'm trying not to be too picky. I can see why a person would hate an EOW mowing for several reasons. I wasn't real sure on how people charge for them. Compared to a mowing every week.
  7. AL's

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    So heres what I started doing... start them weekly and leave it weekly as long as it grows. If it slows down significantly for a little YOU switch, at your discretion, to bi weekly and add $10 to the weekly rate. When growth picks back up you go back to weekly. You decide when its weekly/biweekly.

    Why only $10? Bc if the grass has slowed down to growing the same amount in a 2 week period that it used to grow in one week... then your still cutting the same amount of grass.

    If at any point your taking off more grass than usual back to weekly it is!
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  8. Mason2016

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    Good idea. I like how you're in the drivers seat!
  9. weeze

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    if only i had that luxury. down here most everyone wants bi weekly. i've even offered some people a $40-$45 cut on a $65 yard if they go weekly and they wouldn't take it.
  10. BigJimFish

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    My experience with bi-weekly's is that they tend to neither fertilize nor give a rats ass how it looks. I go one of two ways. If the former is the case, I slap on an extra $10 and make sure they understand I'm not raking anything or double cutting and it may look rough some weeks. It really doesn't slow me down much in most cases and the customers are often very happy with this. All they want is to keep the homeowners association off their back for as little as possible. I can make that work. If the lawn looks lush and they seem picky I simply refuse to do a bi-weekly as it is a headache waiting to happen. Sometimes those guys pick you up weekly sometimes not.

    Always evaluate customers clear eyed. You will never make a dime on a pain in the ass customer. They will hound you endlessly and unreasonably the annoyance will mess up your quality of life. On the other hand, if a customer wants something unusual but reasonable (eg. how cheap can I mow the big stuff with my fast rig and leave all the trimming and weed eating to you) make it work.
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