weekly leaf cleanups in northeast

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    We get a ton of leaves to deal with. How do you explain a weekly cleanup fee for your customers, with a final cleanup coming in the end of November???
    I try and bill myself and employees at 50 per hour plus disposal
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    We try to never tell customers our hourly fee for leaves. We know the average time to mow their lawn and bill t&m for extra time spent removing the leaves. Each evening we send around a truck to vacuum leaves from neighborhoods that don't have leaf pickups. We bill heavily for that.
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    thread above is our rate scale for past 4 years and how we take care of things in deciduous leaf "St. Louis Cardinals" country.

    We put on the gator blades on the wb and Z after leaves are blown/ tarped to streets and drives for municipal vacuuming, or moved to their woods.

    Haul-away is $345 and up, additional to the thread rates.

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