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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by colonel landscaping, Aug 28, 2003.

  1. colonel landscaping

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    how do you go about pricing for this... i currently provide service for a walk in health center and it takes me 2 hours to mow/trim/blow the side walks off by myself on my lazer. they want a weekly leaf removal.. how do you price this?
  2. gogetter

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    Is there the possibility of mulching these? I do one clean up at end of season on my lawns. But since they want weekly clean up at that place, the leaves shouldn't be too bad in a weeks time that they should be able to be mulched with good results I would think.

    Will they go for that, and if so are you set up for mulching?
    If you can go this route, I'd say just charge a bit more then normal price for the time it will take you to blow out beds first.
    Figure your extra time and increase price based on that (you're normal hourly rate). It shouldn't be much more, which will keep them happy, and you don't have to deal with hauling leaves at each visit.
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    at least double the mowing rate. I triple most of mine but I have a zillion trtees in most of my accounts.

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