Weekly/Monthly/Yearly Contracts

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by 4-Seasons, Jan 29, 2008.

  1. 4-Seasons

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    from NJ
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    Does anyone have any Weekly/Monthly/Yearly Contracts that i can take a look at to give me an idea of what to put on mine on to one. Thanks
  2. bohiaa

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    about the best thing to do is download a trial copy of Golpher, Lawn pro, or an app like that....

    this gives you a GREAT program to look at get ideals, and they have the contracts in them...

    Good luck
  3. stevenf

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    Dont even have to download gopher, just click on the "More" button at the top of the page on the tool bar. on that page you can find them.
  4. shane mapes

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    i have been in the business for a few years but still green in some area's. i know you guys have talked about service magic a few times . i was wondering how you guys feel about the service they provide and is it worth the time to put into it . right now i have a partner and he works one day a week and i work-one day a week. we are at 25 customers right now. we split up the route with a helper and we are looking to go full time with the help of service magic. if this sounds out in left field , please give some info. we both work full time jobs but are able to do this full time . with no problems .. thanks in advance .. also we just do mow , blow, and go. once in a while we will do an install but that's about it..

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