Weekly Mowing Blues!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by alpine692003, Jan 12, 2004.

  1. alpine692003

    alpine692003 LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Where I live, people mow their lawns bi-weekly, not weekly :( I've been talking to some people, my friend's parents residential homes and they have been telling me they cut twice a month.

    I was beginning to think I could get a weekly cut if I schduled it on different times? What do you guys think?

    Week 1 : Sun
    Week 2 : Mon
    Week 3 : Tues
    Week 4 : Wed

    What do you guys think of this method?
  2. Phishook

    Phishook LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Try 10 days.

    That way you're not doubling it.
  3. 1MajorTom

    1MajorTom Former Moderator
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    I don't know if that will work or not.
    If I am reading your schedule right, you would be cutting every 8 days, is that correct?
    So it seems to me, that if your customers want their grass cut every other week, they would soon figure it out that they were getting their grass cut every eight days.

    I guess the easiest thing to say would be to find better customers, ones that want their grass looking nice every week. But I know that is easier said than done.

    If you are just starting out, then you need to test the waters. Just because your friends parents might only cut their grass twice a month, doesn't mean every single person in your area is only going to want their grass cut that way.
    You will need to investigate your market. Find good upscale neighborhoods where you can target your services and sell them on a weekly maintenance plan.
    Because having only bi-weekly accounts isn't going to be good enough.

    And I'm not trying to make this come across as something that is simple to do. It takes time to build up a good customer list. Believe me, I know.
  4. rodfather

    rodfather LawnSite Fanatic
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    Why bi-weekly? Doesn't it grow much?
  5. greenback

    greenback LawnSite Member
    from L.I.
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    just take on double the customers and make sure you mow different weeks. instead of 50, cut 100 lawns. one week 50, the next the other 50.
  6. alpine692003

    alpine692003 LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Well, I will try and investigate the market for bi-weekly cuts.

    The area where I am targetting is a very upscale neighbourhood where people's homes are 800k + ..

    I've learnt so much on this site and I will learn more.

    I appreciate the info guys, even though you guys are from the US. Too bad there isn't a CANADiAN version of lawnsite.com so people will know exactly what I'm talking about :p
  7. DFW Area Landscaper

    DFW Area Landscaper LawnSite Silver Member
    from DFW, TX
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    There's definitely a market for bi-weekly service in my area. I didn't offer bi-weekly until September, but I think it's going to work out.

    I schedule my bi-weekly accounts on Mon-Tue and do weekly customers on Wed-Thu-Fri.

    I also add 40% to the price of a weekly cut to get the price of a bi-weekly cut.

    DFW Area Landscaper
  8. Shadetree Ltd

    Shadetree Ltd LawnSite Senior Member
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    There are tons of weekly cuts. I do not know where you are looking/marketing but keep looking. When we started we only did weekly cuts. If someone doesn't want their lawn cut weekly, they do not really care how it looks.

  9. mtdman

    mtdman LawnSite Gold Member
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    I'm not sure about further north or further south of me, but around here it's my experience that very few lawns actually only need it every other week. I've had lots of cheap people that try to get by with getting it done that way, only to have to cut long grass in 2 weeks time. I don't give EOW estimates any more, it's not worth my time. I've got a few folks that were veteran customers that are EOW, and they are going to have to convert to weekly or hit the road this spring. Or maybe I'll just double their rates?

  10. proenterprises

    proenterprises LawnSite Silver Member
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    i would try and put everyone on 10 days and hope that most of them dont say bopeep about it.

    i have to agree with mtd here-i have had alot of the cheapos that think they can beat my system and have me their every 2-3 weeks mowing a jungle-dont stand for their crap.

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