Weekly mowing might start early this year

Discussion in 'Florida Lawn Care Forum' started by williams lcm, Feb 5, 2012.

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    Pollen is already pretty bad here. Everything is yellow, everyday. Looks like a cloud when you blow off driveways. Oak leaf drop looked like it was going to start three weeks ago, but it's been slow coming. Most places I take care of still have not taken a big dump yet.

    Going back to weekly might come earlier than it has in recent years. The last couple of years it has been after May 1. But as long as the rains don't come, I really don't expect for it to happen for at least 45 days. Even then it will only be half of them or so. If it starts raining though, all bets are off.

    I'll say this though, it's really uncomfortable for this time of year. I enjoy cool, dry weather to make up for the brutal summers. This year we have had relatively little of either. The humidity has really sucked for the last week. Heat index in early February anyone? This is going to be the year where people start hating the semi-dwarf varieties of St Augustine. The fungal issues from last year never got cleared out. If been plugging areas of Seville with Floratam.
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    Look at the bright side, we don't have to reacclimate.
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    :eek: choo- achhhhhhh CHOOO!
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    Keith, we have lawns with spots that need to be filled in, I was going to sugar sand them, how are the plugs? Never used them.
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    Hit and miss. Floratam is easier to get to run than others. The earlier they are put in, the better. If they are established by March you stand a pretty good chance of getting some pretty good runners during the year. They are ideal for existing lawns. Trying to establish in a bare area can be more trouble than it's worth. That said, I put Sapphire plugs in a small bare area in my back yard last May and they haven't done too bad. I hit them with the hose when I think about it. If I had planted them two months earlier and taken care of them, I think they would have filled in completely by now.
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    I think I'll stick with sugar sand on the smaller patches and turf on the bare spots, thanks.
  7. Rain all day today and supposed to get more tomm. Unless we get a long cold front, things are going to start up real soon....
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    It's all fun and games until... :cry:

    No need to perpetuate the vitriol... it's all good'

    Raining for three days now. Weeds are out of control, grass as tall as it is in the summer. We have moved our premium accounts to about 12 days. Looks like were in for a long season without much of a break.

    Good news is people are loosening up with money, we've landed four major installation in the last two weeks and three new premium accounts (one called us from Vero Beach because her tenant saw our work and complained about the other guy). Apparently we are the only ones in these communities that keep the lawn and ornamentals looking good. Hard work, bright shirts with your logo on them and big truck and trailer signs work very well.

    Cutting again today, 2 Condo Associations, about 12 acres and 7 acres respectively. Hope we don't get bogged down too much, the ground is already spongy.
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    I agree and if I misspoke I apologize to everyone. As a whole this site is full of incredibly helpful people, great discussions, funny stories, and great advice which is why I enjoy coming here.

    Happy mowing.
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    Whew, glad to hear it, I was beginning to think I was not near handsome enough or smart enough or athletic enough to continue on in this business after 30 years :laugh: This is going to be a good year guys people are really starting to let loose of the money :clapping:

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