weeping blue atlas cedar damage.. talstar?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Rayholio, Aug 10, 2008.

  1. Rayholio

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    So, I sprayed 2 acres of BEDS about 2-3 weeks ago..

    Talstar .5 oz per 1000 rate, 2.25 gal per 1000..

    All plants did well, very little browning or other damage.. blue cedars, evergreens of every type, and size.. non-evergreens also did well.. no problems

    with one exception.. Weeping Blue Atlas Cedars.. Some are only slightly browning, others are severly browning.. from the inside of the tree, tips are fine.

    These cedars are showing browning on at least 3 different sites, one of which is 30 miles away.. It was a hotish day, and we sprayed from 9 am til 6 pm.. same results regardless..

    Any thoughts? Is the weeping blue atlas cedar a weak breed?
  2. bug-guy

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    sounds like insect maybe mites or borers
  3. nosparkplugs

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    Weeping blue Atlas Cedars are "hardy", prone to mites; sounds like your cedar has mites, and it might be to late, I have lost every cedar that showed browning. The mites are microscopic, and so now I spray all cedars as if they have mites. Dam mites:hammerhead:
  4. Rayholio

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    wouldn't talstar kill 'em?

    What part would I need to put under a microscope to check it out?

    You think it's really mites?? we're getting the same results on multiple ceders on multiple locations.. one of which is like 30-50 miles away..
  5. phasthound

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    A simple way to check for mites:
    hold a white sheet of paper under browning branch, tap branch on paper, wait a few seconds & look for very tiny dots that begin to move around. Chances are these are mites. Use a hand lens to see them better. A hand lens is a great diagnostic tool for work in the field.
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  6. phasthound

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    "Spider Mites: TalstarOne provides optimal twospotted spider mite control when applied during spring to mid-summer. Higher application rates and/or more frequent treatments may be required for acceptable twospotted spider mite control during mid-to late-summer. The addition of a surfactant or horticultural oil may increase the effectiveness of Talstar One. Combinations of Talstar One with other registered miticides have also proven effective. Alternately, Talstar One applications may be rotated with those of other products that have different modes of action in control programs that are designed to manage resistance by twospotted spider mites. Consult your local Cooperative Extension Service for resistance management recommendations in your region."
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  7. americanlawn

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    If the tips look healthy, it's highly doubtful that Talstar caused damage.

    Also, "severely browning" is rarely caused by mites as they're damage takes a long time (usually years) to build up.

    I suspect 'normal needle drop' on plants that are under stress (soil type, site conditions, exposure to hot afternoon sun, drought, etc).

    Keep in mind that mites do not cause totally brown needles --- only a "mottling effect". :usflag:


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