Weeping Cherry Tree having issues

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by sxrmike420, Sep 12, 2012.

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    I have a weeping cherry tree in my yard that has about a 6 inch diameter trunk. I just bought my house as a foreclosure earlier this year and the tree bloomed really pretty in the spring but now the tree is looking very bare underneath and unhealthy. I also noticed the trunk has some large sore spots, but I am not sure if that is normal or not. In the summer the leaves started getting preforated and I was told theat was from Japanese Beetles so I sprayed the tree with Sevin. I am not sure if the tree is going dormant early due to the drought and crazy hot weather we had this summer. Can someone please take a look at these pics and tell me what is going on? I would really appreciate any help i can get.

    Thank you




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    That does look like some kind of canker or other fungal disease on the trunk but is fairly common and doesn't necessarily kill the tree... Water it in good for the Fall season and give it a shot at coming up nice in the Spring... after the Summer we just had,,, don't judge any plant too harshly... :)
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    Im sorry what do you mean by give it a shot? Are you saying to give it some fertilizer? What would you recommend and how much?

    Thank you guys for the quick replies!!
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    Give it a shot at survival,,, not a shot of interference, with fert&squirt...

    I actually believe that a lot of this "Disease" is caused by fertilizer creating too much soft tissue growth... so IMO fert isn't good for hardwoods... :)
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    I havent used any fertilizer except a couple miracle grow spikes early in the spring.

    After doing a little reading from the site that Macgyver_GA suggested it looks like I have cherry leaf spot. I thought the porforated holes in the leaves were from japanese beetles but I am thinking this is all from a fungal infection now... What should I do to help this tree out? I know I should start watering it more regularly, but any other advice? I really dont want this to die...
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    Leaf spot might be helped with good sun and better air circulation... might want to research the causes of that disease... :)
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    The weeping cherry is subject to borer damage, but from the photo's, it appears to have been frost cracks that has developed cankers. The tree has callused over nicely and there is no signs of gummosis or sap flux. The sap will flow from wounds and the sap turns red or orange in color and stinks.
    I agree with Smallaxe that certain ornamental trees get fertilized way too much with over spray of lawn fertilizers that make them grow too rapidly and split the base.

    I see from the photo's that this tree is suffering from dead under growth from improper pruning and thinning of branches. I am guilty of this practice as I trim, prune, weeping mulberry trees at Dr. Clinic's. Sometimes the offices will not allow you to perform regular trimming to improve air circulation, light penetration and new growth to occur. As these trees grow taller and spread outward, the inner branches become light deprived and will defoliate those leaves. If no production is achieved from shaded leaves, to reserve energy, the tree will shed them off.
    If the tree becomes weak from drought, heat, or other cultural practices, insect will attack and can spread disease.
    You can prune out those dead stems below the graft. If you prune off any of the natural weeping grafts, the tree can and will revert back to the original trunk stock tree. I have seen this a hundred times.......!!!!
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    Think Green,

    I followed most of what your saying but I am a little unfamiliar with what you mean about pruning and the tree returning to trunk stock tree. I understand I need to trim off the dead inner branches, but what were you saying about trimming the natural weeping branches?

    Please explain to me in dummy terms what I should do to help this tree.

    Thank you for taking time to help me out!!

    I appreciate it!!

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