Weeping HR-1

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by FIMCO-MEISTER, Jul 26, 2007.


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    Henry cut this one out today. Even he knows to not waste your time looking and repairing. Valve did last 20 years. I checked the MA and it was definitely not on too tight. This is what happens when you slam shut in the last millisecond for twenty years. It got upgraded to a 205 with a flow control. Have to look close but you can see the hairline crack.



  2. CAPT Stream Rotar

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    I was burrying an old 570 the other day...It had a hairline crack in it.

    Needless to say it pissed every where.
  3. PurpHaze

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    Appears to be the HR FC-100 Series which is now the Irritrol Century Plus valve that we pretty much exclusively use. With that solenoid I'd say it's definitely 20+ years old. That's the solenoid that replaced the original round metal solenoids. They then went to the current round plastic case solenoid after the one in your picture.
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    So what's the material on those bodies?
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    Not an FC series....

    HR-1.....long bleed pin, no solenoid...do not turn on manually unless you want to fart around with it to get it to go off...

    I liked the red ones :)

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    Hr-1 cracked body also...

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    Wow, you guys had better start putting unions on those bad boys!:cry:
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    I've always hated those valves. Hydro-Rain HR-1, Rainbird EV-100. Whatever Hardie called it and now Irritrol?
    Seems the biggest problem I had with them was temperature and or humidity variations. The plunger in the solenoid would sometimes keep the valve from opening or just partially let it open and often led to a water hammer type effect.
    I found that filing a little off the metal end of the plunger would cure the problem.
    They were a close second to my most hated valve... the Toro Flo-Pro.
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    Also today replaced a Top of a knockoff HR1 called a Rain Jet. Check out the crack....


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