weighing my options on tank sprayer..

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by inzane, Dec 27, 2012.

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    i have a half ton truck, i want to start with a 100 gallon sprayer so i can get out spraying next year, my goal would be once i grew enough i will go with a ride-on sprayer/spreader. but looking at this one from northern tool to get me started.. http://www.northerntool.com/shop/tools/product_200394110_200394110 i could live with the manual reel till i outgrew it then either use it for a nurse tank for a permagreen or mabee convert it to a tree and shrub sprayer if its possible to clean it out good enough to use for that purpose???

    i'm really wanting to be able to blanket spray without using a backpack sprayer this comming year, though i don't really have 4k to put into a new spray rig. i really need to be spraying, more concerned with being able to blanket app my weed control than productivity right now, i know i'm not gonna be very productive with that sprayer, just wondering if it would be a good start? i am considering a gas powered backpack sprayer but that just seems like even more of a hassle.. :) i just haven't seen any sprayers like this in the price range, i am not expecting it to last me years and years though.. i have 2k or so budget for sprayer and i'm looking at trying to get a used 36" belt driven walkbehind for 1k.. so tight budget..
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    Not a bad little starter unit for the price. The pump is light duty at 5GPM, and small 3/8" hose, fine for lawn spraying and small tree shrub spraying eventually like you say and yes you can flush the tank for safe insect control apps after using weed controls.

    Like the idea of future use too for a nurse tank. I have a 300 gallon unit in my truck that I use specifically for a nurse tank and tree sprayer.

    Good looking out for not wanting to over load that half ton too. Spray mix is basically 8.4lbs per gallon.
  3. inzane

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    so i'm looking at around 1000 pounds filled up, i've had a bit more weight than that in the back of this truck and it was fine, if i feel its necessary i may beef up suspension. braking was never an issue with that weight. but 50 gallons of liquid sloshing around is probally alot different than bags of fert..

    i was gonna start out spraying my lawns at 2 gallon per minute rate, i've never sprayed lower than this, aren't the blue tips for a 1.5 rate??? i've always seen good results from 2 gallon rate, but never gone lower than that.
  4. Cadzilla

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    What you want is the tank up close to the bed so you centralize your weight. This also makes it difficult to access the reel and motor for spraying and such is that design.

    What I'd like to see is that pump, motor and reel elevated on a platform so you can turn that tank sideways and pull from the passenger side of the truck and have access to the motor for starting. Like a space saver setup.

    But it is what it is but you certainly want that tank as close to the top of the bed as you can. Slosh won't be a factor.

    2 gallons is ok. You may not be able to get much more than that from that setup. Remember it's a 5gpm pump but 3/8" small hose.

    I forget which tip is 2 GPM. I use a 3 and it's green.

    2's not blue. It's either white or yellow if I remember correctly.

    Not a bad unit for 2 grand but remember you're going to have 300 in shipping and tax maybe so what can JDL/Lesco or your locals do for you for 2500? They have to have a unit for 2500 or 3 grand. No?
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  5. inzane

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    the access to the hose has been a bit of a concern, i may have to get up there to reel it back.. not much of a big deal i guess. gonna look at the measurements more closely. if it sat far enough back to where i the reel was atleast around the wheel wells mabee a little past i may be OK, just not ideal i know... with the extra space i could store a few bags of dry products though, which would be nice too.. rather than having a skid taking the whole bed. i'm hoping somebody who has used one of these skids may have some input too. all i know is i don't want to pull on a trailer, with a 150 ft. hose i'd definetly get into a situation where i'd want to pull in a driveway at some point, but not doing it with a trailer. lol.

    from what i know the yellow nozzle was for 2gpm the green was for 3 gpm and white for 4 gpm. i've seen these blue ones but never used them, think i read they may be for 1.5 or 1.

    i'll check with lesco. thought the shipping of the northstar to store may have been free. but thats definetly something to consider now.

  6. Cadzilla

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    I don't know what they charge for shipping but I doubt it's free. The access to starting and the reel is going to be a pain and yes the area in back is also needed for dry, spreader, backpack etc.
  7. RigglePLC

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    I think you should go with a 200 gal and electric reel. You can put a pulley on the starter rope like I did and that brings the handle up to the lower reel frame--easy to start. Then get a welder to fabricate a bracket so you can turn the reel to the side and pull off the curb side of the truck. If shipping is high--perhaps buying locally would work out better. 150 feet of hose is too short. And if you upgrade to 300 feet of hose--the reel is too small--you then need a new reel.
    Remember with a 3/8 hose you lose a lot of pressure due to friction; 2 gal per minute is about the maximum you can expect. Maybe 1.5 with that pump. A green three gal nozzle will not increase the flow. I don't think it would be much good for trees even if cleaned out well. To reach up high you need a fat stream of water...plus lots of pressure. Maybe someone on here has a similar set up and can advise you as to the maximum height they can reach. I suspect it would be about the same as from any garden hose.
    Sure, it makes a fine nurse tank for a ride-on--but fill up will be a little slow from the hose--about 6 minutes for a 12 gallon tank. ( Extra valve and short fat hose can go faster). Look through Gregson-Clark's website for more information.
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  8. inzane

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    thanks. yeah, they claim free shipping to store.. even so.. i think i'd get tired of this setup real quick. when i talked to lesco in the fall they said 3800 for 200gal space saver. i'd rather get something like that.. but gonna keep looking. and backpack spraying this year, mabee by the fall i can figure out something.

    how would a 200 gallon skid be in a 1/2 ton? lesco said it was fine if i beefed up supsension.. of course they would say that. i couldn't imagine it.. lol. but i've seen trucks like mine with them, there is a local guy with one in his f-150 that pulls a trailer with mowers too. thinking i may upgrade my supspension so that when i find a skid that won't be an issue. i guess i'm gonna keep back pack spraying weeds. gonna get extra backpacks so i don't need to fill as much. lol.
  9. inzane

    inzane LawnSite Silver Member
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    how about this? http://www.gregsonclark.com/skid_sprayers.html looking at the v-100 st. i am gonna see how much they will ship one to georgia for. if i can get it for around 4k, i might just hold off on a mower for next year and keep using 21" mowers.. and put more into a skid sprayer (chem app side of things is what i'm more interested in). i'm gonna see what lesco has as well. but i'm just not feeling it with a 200 gallon skid on this 1/2 ton truck. 2 gallons a minute can still get me probally close to 50,000 sq. ft. and mabee i can spray at a lower rate to get more lawns done, i want to continue dry spreading my fert though. so would be using this skid for pre-emergent / post emergent.. possibly with potasium in the mix for first app in spring and last app in fall i guess.

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    They are both will work the cost of shipping will add a couple hundred bucks plus you will need a fork lift to get off the truck

    You will need 300 ft of hose 150 ft will not get the job done

    A electric reel is a must you will learn this when you have to wind up the hose by hand a couple time on the same yard because the hose is to short

    Get a 200 gal tank you don't have to fill it all the way up

    Look for a used one don't get in a hurry

    Good luck with your purchase

    Charles Cue

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