Weight Distribution/Sway Control


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OK, before you bash me about posting this here, I posted it in the truck and trailer section, but I didn't get any replies so I'm posting it here where there is more people viewing.

Can anybody tell me the difference between 4 point and 2 point sway control.
I'm looking at getting the equalizer e2, which is 2 point, installed so I can stop my trailer from swaying. The thing I like about the equalizer e2 is that they don't use chains which I have been told you want to stay away from. Dealer is charging me 450 for the unit and then like 54 to install for 30 min worth of labor.

Richard Martin

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That sway bar should stop the swaying. The question I have is... Why is it swaying? Usually a trailer only sways when the load is imbalanced over the axle or, in the case of much larger trailers, a large truck or gust of wind hits the trailer. With a 16 foot enclosed trailer you shouldn't have an issue with swaying.

Where do you have the Walker at in the trailer? Typically, you want it right over top of the axles.