Weight kit needed for Proslide on 36in W/B?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Patfo, Feb 20, 2001.

  1. Patfo

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    I just got an e-mail back from Proslide re: using a Proslide on a 36in 14HPkaw W/B. He said it would work but may need a weight kit on the front (15-20lbs) for coming out of turns and initial acceleration to keep the front end from coming up (I weigh 215lbs). Anyone else do this? Is it worth it as opposed to regular velke? Any feedback or suggestions appreciated! THANKS!
    Any suggestions for easy homemade weight kit?
  2. Dillon

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    I never had to do that but you weigh a little than me. As far as the weight kit goes, go to a local steel company, they should carry different sizes and weights of steel. They can cut it to lenght for you. Find an area in the front mower to mount the weight. On my Turf Tiger to offset the weight of my bagger I mounted 90Lbs. 2 2x4 pieces. I put one on top and one on the bottom just behind the front wheels and I ran bolts thru them to connect them, you could also use u-bolts to connect them. The whole thing cost me maybe $70 and took only a few minutes to put together. Hopes this helps, and yes it is worth it. The Pro slide always gets up and out of your way, never anything to trip over, pick-up or get in your way.

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  3. MowForReal

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    I have 2 proslides. I weigh 170 and needed weight on the front of my 36". My dad came up with the idea of taking a piece of wood, about 12"x36" for a 36" mower. Or 12"x48" for a 48" (you got the idea). Cut that wood so that it hugs onto the wheel bars(the metal shafts that extend to hold the front casters).
    So now you should have a piece of wood that stays in place(you might need to carve out a section where the deck might be rubbing the wood too much).
    Drill a hole or two in the wood where you will secure weight plates(10lbs) with thick bolts. This works fine. And whenever you don't need the extra weight, just pluck the wood of the deck and casters.

    I have seen another person who had a different system. On his caster shafts he had 1" thick metal(like a weight bar) welded on to the caster shafts in a vertical position. On these 1" short metal rods he put weight plates on. This guy was about 250lbs.

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