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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Vandora Lawn & Landscape, Apr 24, 2001.

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    I'm going to be planting a Kwanzan Cherry. It has a caliber of about 2.0 - 2.5 inches and is betwen 10-12 feet tall. How much is that sucker gonna weigh? Also, what is the best way to transport it from the nursery and also best way to move it around the yard. It's only gotta move 20 ft off the truck.
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    300 lbs minimum if its B&B.
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    I can't say I recommend this, but I've moved a 3" Superform Maple in a wheelbarrow. But it's tricky....

    I took 2 2"x10"x10' planks and laid them from the truck into the tray of the wheelbarrow (the wheelbarrow is in a '4pt stance', the 2 legs and 2 handles touching the ground, handles facing the truck). Slowly, slowly, wiggle the ball onto the planks, and slowly wiggle the ball, with the head laying as flat as possible, into the wheelbarrow.

    Always keep the head as flat to the planks as possible. If it stands straight up, it'll tip and roll, and either fall off the planks or roll over you.

    Once it's in the barrow, tip the head to face forward, and away you go!

    This isn't something we do anymore, but when I was a one-man-show, I had to figure out a way to get the job done.

    Sure, getting it into the hole is also not easy by yourself, but if you can get it off the truck, you can get it in the hole.

    BTW, I disclaim any advice provided in this post; you employ these tactics at your own risk and by using these methods agree to hold harmless me, my company, any family members of mine or the other employees. :eek:

    Good luck!
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    have the nursery put it on a trailer. move it with a large shrub dolly and maybe 2 guys. that should do it. those things have big wheels and are made for this kind of thing. good luck
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    Ask the nursery if you can get a loaner tree cart for the day. It will make work much easier. A few nurseries will loan them out for a few hours.

    It you plan on doing more work like this, you may want to invest in one for yourself. A.M. Leonard has a large selection. I think there around 300-400, but well worth it if you start planting more trees like this. Much cheaper than a machine (though still a good workout)

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    Hello again,

    One more quick thing....when planting a tree of this size be sure to dig the hole to the right depth! You do not want to drop a tree in a hole and then find out it is too deep/not deep enough. As a one man operation, it is not a fun thing to have to try and pull a 300lb tree out of a hole, or try to dig it deeper while it is alread in. I use the handle of a shovel to judge the depth of the hole and compare it to the root ball. Simple, but it works.

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    Anybody try one of those tree slings like they sell in AML? Looks like they slip ofer the forks on a skid loader and support the root ball. Just curious what ya' think.

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    Like Steve said get a ball cart, my local supplier will let you borrow one(as I did for awhile, until I got my own)as long as you do enough business with them. If not they will likely rent you one. Good luck finding one at a rental yard. Also one word of advice, when you are ready to purchase your own buy a big one with the extra long handles(more leverage), if you buy the small one it'll be ok for smaller trees but then will come the time when you need the bigger one and the your smaller one will sit behind your garage as mine does now.

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