weight of shredded leaves?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by FrankenScagMachines, Aug 7, 2004.

  1. FrankenScagMachines

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    I need to know approximately how much shredded leaves will weigh per cupic yard (dry and wet). Plan on blowing leaves with push blower then vac-ing with 11hp loader into a box on my flatbed. The box will only be 8'x8'x 6' high? although the truck bed is 4' longer than that, i need the bed space for other things. will have a mesh tarp on top of the box (telling all of this in case it matters how tight it will pack the leaves). so, any idea how much weight we're talkin per yard, both dry and wet? I just finished building my custom LoadHandler for my flatbed and it's 8' wide and 10' long but only going to use 8' of the length for leaf box. it pulled about 1000# easily in the test run tonight.
  2. vipermanz

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    see if you can find out what mulch weighs
  3. FrankenScagMachines

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    Mulch would be heavier than leaves unless they're pretty wet. at least it seems to me that way anyway. it should pull alot more than 1,000# but thats just what we had available LOL. that was my eXmark w/b, mom, dad and brother on it.
  4. AL Inc

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    Eric, I don't have any numbers to help you, but I have a similar truck and would have to say you will probably be pushing 2-3K when that box is full. Usually what happens here is that fall starts out pretty dry, then it becomes more rainy (even light snow) and all the leaves we are picking up are wet.
    The vacs shred the leaves pretty well, and then if you jump up there and continue to pack the leaves down, it will be very dense(and heavy). If you are close to your dump spot, maybe you can dump more often, therefore less weight each time. Time is money, though. Good luck.
  5. FrankenScagMachines

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    Thanks, Al. You're saying 2-3k lbs for my box size or your box size? Going by last fall, most of my leaves will be dry unless they get rained on when in the box (mesh tarp on top for vent). They won't all be totally dry, but most of them won't be soaking wet. I probably won't get in there to jump on them to compact them either. This really won't be much bigger than a pickup truck leaf box, just 2' wider, the length and height will be similar.

    Last fall we got done two days before Thanksgiving I beleive. No worry about snow here!!! Snow doesn't happen till at least a week into December usually, if not later. Sometimes we don't get any at all in December! I try not to work when leaves are real wet also, but it can happen and if the leaves sit in the truck and it rains, they'll get wet unless i cover the top of the box with a tarp (which i guess i'll do). I didn't think that a box the size of mine full of dry leaves would weigh more than half ton.
  6. cantoo

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    Eric, the box I have on my F250 is about that same size. I have to be careful to not load it completely full when the leaves are damp or it will not lift it. I have a scissor hoist and it still has to work hard. A couple of times I had to back up slowly touch the brakes and hit the lift button at the same time to get it to lift. It the first couple of inches that are hard to lift then it is fine. I would guess that there must be somewhere around 3000 lbs on the truck, it makes it squat pretty good too. I use the same box on my 1 ton chev with a post hoist and it has no problem lifting it but it still squats just as bad as the ford. If it turns out that it's too heavy then build a ramp inside the box to help with the loadhandler. Maybe a tarp under the load handler would help. HYave you thought about using a hand powered pump and cylinder to dump your box? Some tilt trailers use them.
  7. MikeLT1Z28

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    i'm not sure how much they weigh either way, but when we do leaves we mulch them to dust then vac them up. so the question really is how fine are you going to chop them, that's when a full load will get really heavy.
  8. PaulJ

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    remember that you can't tell what this falls weather is going to be like from what last year was like. you might end up wiht a lot of wet leaves to dump or non at all.
  9. ztrguy

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    Anyone have an idea on how much mulched leaves weigh? A rough figure so to speak. Or someone that has been weighed and knows the weight?
  10. jtkplc

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    When just my Grass Gobler, 4.3 cu.ft., is filled with mulched, dry leaves I would estimate that the leaves weigh 15-25lbs. That would mean that one cubic foot weights between 3.5-6lbs. Hope this helps out some, I wish I could give you harder numbers.

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