weird clutch problem, need help

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Smitty58, May 24, 2007.

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    I bought a little Toyota Tercel to drive to work and let the F-350 V-10 sit in the drive for my lawncare biz. The toy is great on gas 35mpg vs 11mpg so that will save me a fortune. The weird thing is this, in the morning the clutch performs perfect. In the afternoon drive home it slips (a lot). Why would it slip when it's hot outside and not when it's cool? Any ideas?

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    HUHMM,good one seems it would slip all the time,if itz not bad i would not worry with it only you know,i have a 87 toyota truck to beat around in it leaks oil,anti freeze, and is eat out in rust.
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    You'll want to take a look under the hood in the am, where the clutch cable attaches to the release mechanism, and mark this location when fully released.

    Then, in the afternoon when it slips, take another close look and see if it's still releasing fully. If it isn't, your problem is in that area.

    I wouldn't drive it much while it slips, you'll wear out the plates in no time.

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