Weird Damage That Cost Us $1,000

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by JustMowIt, Oct 27, 2004.

  1. JustMowIt

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    It was late afternoon Friday, July 4th weekend! Received a call from customer that we cut the main gas line to her house and she had no hot water. This was an executive with Wal-Mart, $350.000 home with 4 children. Now, we get blamed for a lot of things, but this one is impossible because this is a 1 ½ inch steel pipe rising out of the ground, then elbowing to the house. We usually just tell them to get it fixed & send us the bill rather than personally go to look at damage because it never changes anyone’s mind. But, in this case, we wanted to see, & yes, there was a little slice (like a saw) in the pipe.

    By then it was 6PM, she had called the gas Company to turn the gas off & really upset! So, we went to the phone book looking for a plumber at night, & after hearing $2 & 3 Thousand dollar quotes, we called a company called “GOD TO THE RESCUE” plumber that said he would do it that night for $800 but we had to bring him a money order. What we did not know at that point was the City must inspect the repair before the gas company would turn the gas back on & the plumber must show that he personally is a licensed master plumber. Not the case with Mr. GOD. Wow, what a predicament on a Friday night July 4th weekend.

    To make the story shorter, God to the Rescue found a friend with a license; somehow we got the City to inspect, & the gas Company to turn back on by Saturday night. Whew what a project.

    How did we accomplish this? Well the 21 inch Toro was almost new, but a rock had broke out a hole in the skirt about 3inch square. & somehow while they were snuggling up to the pipe, the hole in the skirt allowed the blade to cut the pipe.

    We learned to never use a mower with a hole in the skirt.
  2. KathysLGC

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    This happened July 4th and your posting it now?
  3. ztrlvr

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    Some guys are busy I guess
  4. JustMowIt

    JustMowIt LawnSite Senior Member
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    As was reminded about this while readin the post about the WB stuck in the stairway.
  5. Wreak

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    Good thing the blade didn't cause a spark. :blob2:
  6. chevyman1

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    JustMowit, you typically just tell customers to have it fixed and just send you the bill? You must have money to burn man. :rolleyes:
  7. JustMowIt

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    Yes, it is true, we pay more than we should sometimes, but the flip side is if we send someone to fix it, & they find something wrong with it, or the workman got mud on the carpet & this list goes on, not to mention all the phone calls of being in the loop.
  8. Pecker

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    A skirt with a hole in it sounds kinda dangerous. . .shouldn't have operated it like that anyhow. Sorry to hear about your situation though.
  9. oneandonlyjojo

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    i do the same i tell them to either find someone and give us the bill or we can do it for you.
  10. out4now

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    As someone else mentioned isn't it risky to run with a broken deck skirt? Bummer you had to pay 1000 to fix dammage. I thought at first it was going to be a brushtimmer with a blade on it when I first started reading.

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