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    today on ebay i saw a hustler shortcut 1500 or somehting like that. it had the h-bar steering but it also had a seat. could you give me some info on it. like the deck sizes and horsepower. and the years
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    It is the ShortCut 1500.
    We made them from about 1996 / 1997 till 2002 or so.
    They had 40, 48 (rear discharge, uppercut, side discharge), 54 and 60 inch decks.
    Engines were 14, 17, 23 and 25 Kawasaki's and 20, 22 and 25 Kohler's.
    You could stand or sit on these mowers for most of the time we made them the last year or so you could only sit on them.
    There are lot of them out there and for the most part people that have them love them.
    Hope this helps.


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