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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by lmaoo8, Mar 13, 2009.

  1. lmaoo8

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    Hey guys, I am a new member, it's nice to see there's an actual website dedicated towards this business.
    so I was thinking about this lawn care business for a long time now, but I am actually doing something about it now. My target is to eventually open a company and hire workers to help me out, so here's the part I've never seen anyone mentioned. How do i request my payment as? because i won't be on site to collect cash or checks, do I tell them to directly transfer the money into my business account? Also, if you guys have any suggestions for my situation at all please feel free to post. thanks!
  2. Toy2

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    Hit the search button on this site, and have plenty of time to should answer all your questions...
  3. shane mapes

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    what type of experience do you have? do you do any yards now? to start off saying you want to hire people to help you, one of two things are going on. 1. you have a lot of $$$ to throw @ this or 2. you have no clue what is involved. most guys start out solo. good luck keep us updated
  4. grasschopperofchicago

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    Well it doesn't appear you got an answer there, so I will try to assist, as a Solo at one time I would get my payment in a variety of ways, which hasn't changed much with a crew. I either got paid onsite after the completion of jobs, but still sent a monthly invoice with no balance. I have contracted accounts, so I bill with a net 20 on them, meaning they get a bill for a 30 day cycle and I expect payment within 20 days (self addressed envelope included in statement) I have people that stop by my shop to drop off in a drop box or give to my cute little secretary! I have two friends that own Automobile Dealerships that pay me in advance for their 8 lots and Commercial that does that same when bid is accepted, payment for specified service during the season, 1 check done and over!--My favorites!...I have never given anyone my bank account number to deposit it themselves however, no way to tell who put it in unless you have customer provide you with deposit slip or account number, which they may as well use that time to hand you payment. (not to mention the issues of passing out banking info)
    Hope that helps, if you are just starting out, and aren't contracting people, you can set up collecting onsite, returning to collect when they are available after leaving a bill at the home, or mail them an invoice (most professional)
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  5. lmaoo8

    lmaoo8 LawnSite Member
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    thanks grasschopper of Chicago, I was just wondering what the payment collections are like but after looking at other post and your suggestions it really widen my options.
    Also, as a beginner should I get a license to start out so it would look more professional?
    I've been doing a couple of things the past 2 weeks. 1) advertising online and distributing flyers. 2) trying to get a partner (friend) to start with me but most people have too much pride to even think about this business, so I am still looking. 3) thinking of how everything will turn out in the future without any guidance, until I found this site.
    I'm just wondering if people actually go through the cycle I went through, because its discouraging having to take advise from friends (they all think its not going to work). But at the end of the day, I still have faith in this business because I've always wanted to do this.
    Thanks for the comments so far, I am willing to take in any advise so please post!
  6. Hoots

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    from DFW
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    I don't really want to let the air out of your sail, but you need to know something about grass before you start this idea. This is where too many people get in over their head. You must know the right practices that come with this business. It is way more than just "cutting grass" and collecting a fat check.

    The licensing you ask about is only dealing with the chemical application side of this business. You need training to know what you are doing with it.

    Your friends that think this profession is below them, talking about their pride, probably live in homes with well manicured lawns. Their parents have money and pay well, or should, for the nice lawn they have. These people look down on us "grass cutters" when it is actually a respectable profession. Yes I say profession because it is pretty close to the same as a golf course superintendent that keeps golf courses plush for these same people.

    If you are not sure how to collect the money, you still have a long way to go. Search this site and read as many posts as possible. Next year try to get out there with the knowledge you have gleaned from this site and use it.
  7. lmaoo8

    lmaoo8 LawnSite Member
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    thanks hoots but I refuse to wait another year, I will start doing the basics right now as far as lawn service goes (mowing, edging, cleanup). My only concern is that since I go to school everyday except weekends, when customer calls or leave a message and I can't get to them ASAP ,they seemed to move on pretty quickly....
  8. Hoots

    Hoots LawnSite Senior Member
    from DFW
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    Do what you wish, but remember you asked for advice.

    Would you rather rush into this and have a higher risk of failing or wait one year and know what and how to do everything?

    I will put it to you this way, imagine you wanted to get from Houston to Dallas. Your thought process is jump in the car and drive really fast while asking directions along the way, even if you start out driving to Mexico. If you step back, ask directions, and then go you will be at your destination much easier.

    By the way, you say go to school everyday, is this high school or college?
  9. mowerbrad

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    You really shouldn't be worried about customers moving on if you don't call them back right away. All you have to do is call them back when you get home from school. They can stand to wait a few hours, they won't move on in that short period of time. Also, if I were you I would not partner up with anyone to start out this business, usually partnerships don't end well. As far as payments go, you can either collect every time your there, have them drop it off to you, or bill them and have them send you a check in the mail. Certain states do require that you have a license of some sort to mow and others don't. You will definately want to have liability insurance as well as commercial auto on your vehicle. I understand that you really want to get going with this business but I would suggest that you go to work for another company over the summer to ge the hang of this. You will be having customers asking you quesitons that they will expect you to have the answer. Then once you have the experience I would start your own company.
  10. lmaoo8

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    even lawn mowing itself, I think it's just not enough mowing my own lawn, which I've been doing ever since i came to the U.S (8 years ago) and also had some experience mowing for others with a friend of mine a few times. By offering basic lawn care and carefully learning something along the way hands on, getting used to handling different landscape. isn't that a better way of learning? either that or I could find a job with related companies and learn from them, but I've also started advertising 2 weeks ago (online and flyers) and I am getting calls everyday, so might as well learn a few tricks online and apply it on site?

    I am currently on my 3rd year in college, going for an environmental science degree. One and a half year left if everything goes smoothly......

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