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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Sean Adams, Dec 14, 2004.

  1. Sean Adams

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    Finally! Now you can get the truth about Tanaka at lawnsite.com! Tanaka is now part of the manufacturer sponsored forums and we are very excited about helping you learn more about Tanaka and dispel many of the myths including….

    1. Tanaka parts are hard to find
    This is simply not true! If you need Tanaka parts, we will make sure
    you get them in a timely matter. If there is not a dealer in your area,
    you can call (253) 333-1200, email (custsvc@tanaka-ism.com), or fax
    (253-333-1212). We are located in Auburn, WA and we supply our
    North American distributors and dealers with parts, accessories, and
    product from this location. Plus, we have a huge selection of
    illustrated parts manuals on our Web site at www.tanaka-usa.com

    2. Strength of the Dealer network
    Tanaka has been is the U.S. market for over 25 years and we are in the
    process of “re-signing” our best dealers. Most of our dealers have sold
    Tanaka for over 15+ years and position Tanaka as their premium hand-
    held product line. It is no secret that dealers know the truth about the
    Tanaka product line. In addition, Tanaka is dealer direct on the West
    Coast and Illinois/WI and has a very strong distribution network on the
    East Coast (Gardner, Inc., Canns-Bilco, and Beta Power Products).
    The Midwest features Hayward Distributing (OH, MI, IN, KY), Mezzenga
    Distributing (MN, IA, SD, ND), Boettcher Supply (WY, CO, NM, NE, KS,
    MO), and Smith Distributing covers TX, OK, and AK. The point is this:

    3. The TLE-550 walk-behind edger
    This is going to be fun – stay tuned and be sure to check the forum for:
    The TLE TRUTH: What really happened to the TLE-550 edger?
  2. naturescape

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    Tanaka is the best equipment out there. I've used other equipment, and am switching back to all tanaka in 2005!
  3. Cobra Jock

    Cobra Jock LawnSite Member
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    Welcome to Lawnsite. I have used and owned Tanaka equipmentm Great machines, great power! Again, wecome and god luck :)

  4. PR Fect

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    There is a pair of those orange trimmers on our trimmer rack. I would not say its my favorite string trimmer, but they are far from my last. Make sure you try their two-cycle oil. Glad to have you aboard. PR
  5. lawncutr

    lawncutr LawnSite Member
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    My tanaka hedge trimmer that I had over 20 years ago was VERY reliable and tough as nails...we used to cut chain link fence with it as well as saw through 2x4s and it still was sharp enough to give my old dog, stumpy, a haircut. It was great...until some damn fool took it...I had it chained to my bigwheel while I was roughing up an old lady for the $250 she owed me for cutting her dwarf yaupon holly (I made it look like a poodle taking a dump). They wanted it so bad, they sawed through the chain with their teeth (they left a few on the sidewalk is how I know). By the way...anybody seen it??

    All kidding aside, anybody need a used bigwheel with a chain attached to it?? My 35 year old legs are having a hard time cranking the peddles with the Honda mower and PB751 blower in tow..... I am trying to go for a more professional image.....I am thinking motorized skateboards this year....for all my employees.

    Actually it was a very good hedge trimmer and I would recommend it highly.
  6. TurfGuyTX

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    Welcome. I look forward to learning about Tanaka.

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