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Discussion in 'PartsTree.com' started by partstree, May 20, 2005.

  1. partstree

    partstree Sponsor
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    not currently, but shindaiwa and snapper are at the very top of our list of brands to add, you may see it available by the end of june.
  2. fga

    fga LawnSite Silver Member
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    do you sell parts for lawnboy mowers? preferably the 21" commercial models? thanks and welcome to LS.
  3. partstree

    partstree Sponsor
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    thanks, and yes we do sell lawnboy mower parts. check out our website at www.partstree.com, then click on the repair parts store and select the lawn-boy equipment catalog. you can browse through all the machines we have available parts for.
  4. Craig Jones

    Craig Jones LawnSite Member
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    I placed an order and found the website easy to use and navigate. The link into the parts diagrams was very useful. This will save me time since I am not able to get to the dealer many times during business hours.
  5. partstree

    partstree Sponsor
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    we're very glad to hear that. let us know if and how we can make the website even better
  6. rockandroller

    rockandroller LawnSite Member
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    Looked up parts for echo which I think is the same machine. I just need 3 scres and a clutch spring, at least I hope. For an order that small would I still have to pay $10 shipping?

  7. partstree

    partstree Sponsor
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    yes, shipping would be a flat $10 whether you buy three screws or three blades. this is to encourage the user to buy preventative maintenance parts such as air filters, oil filters and fuel filters that every owner and maintainer should change on a regular basis.
  8. Don Woods

    Don Woods LawnSite Member
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    Hey Bryan..please give me a call @ Lawnsite 800 422 7147 Ext.137
    We've got a really neat new program you may have interest in.
  9. clipperslawnservice

    clipperslawnservice LawnSite Member
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    I orderd a spindle, and it was sitting on my front porch in 24 hours. :clapping:

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