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Cleveland, Ohio
After discovering the Lawnsite.com Forums we made the easy decision to participate here as site sponsors because we're very impressed by both the size and quality of this online community and we feel there are companies here who could benefit from interaction with us.

My Goals With This Board - To provide free and open advice for members about the best practices and realities of finding new customers with websites. This is a marketing discussion about how to find leads and make money. I'll get things too out of this experience. For me, it allows us to gain better exposure to your market and understand your needs. For you, you'll get the very best advice to be found.

What I Want To Talk About. I'm a very practical person and believe websites for small businesses should be effective marketing tools by providing new leads through Internet search engines. Web sites certainly have other goals (branding, sources of additional information, specialty tools, communicating with existing customer base) but those are discussions I prefer not to engage in. I want to share with you how to turn your site into a marketing machine that gets you phone calls.

My Background. I have been developing and marketing web sites online for 7 years now. I believe that websites should fully comply with a search engine's guidelines - no SEO blackhat, no spam, no tricks. Am I successful? Yes. And I choose to prove that to you only through participation and engagement. My advice will either ring true to you or it won't. I could brag here about my past, how much money I have made, how much money I have made for my clients - but the very best choose to keep their mouths shut on the specifics of performance. There is a certain degree of paranoia that runs through all SEO agents. SEO, is a word I don't even like. It's misused, overused, and places too much emphasis on the technical and the need for technical/professional help in order to do well. I choose the term, 'Internet Marketing' because at the end of the day you don't want top search engine placement - you want phone calls.

Why I Think I Can Improve Your Website Because vast majority of your online competitors have bad websites. When I say 'bad' I mean they're not developed to find customers from Internet Search. Perhaps they look very good but I'm not talking about web design. If everyone followed my advice, my advice would have no advantage. So it's about doing things differently then your current online competition. It's about taking advantage of their lack of performance. I think as time goes on the sophistication will increase.

Also too, let's face it, these are websites about landscaping, lawn care, irrigation and outdoor lighting. This is not mortgages, gambling, electronics and pharmaceuticals. Your greatest competition will be most likely from database driven spam directory sites not from actual local competitors.

More to come on this post...

Please feel free to post questions to this board regarding landscape website marketing, I would be happy to share with you my thoughts and experiences.

Very Kindly,

Not open for further replies.