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Discussion in 'Tanaka' started by Tanaka, Dec 14, 2004.

  1. Tanaka

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    Got questions / comments? Let us know! Tell us what you want! This forum is for you - not for us to self promote.

    Bonus: The first 10 people to post on this forum will receive a limited edition Tanaka power bottle!
  2. Randy Scott

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    I'll comment. Actually, there was a thread not too long ago about your equipment. We have the walk-behind edger, stick-edger, string trimmer, 2 hedge trimmers, extended-reach hedge trimmer,and the shred-n-vac unit. We (knock on wood) haven't had a lick of problems with any of the equipment. Always starts, always runs. As far as performance, all the commercial equipment works about the same. Every employee has their favorite as well. I would imagine you'll hear good and bad on this site. Just the nature of it.
    Have no reason not to purchase your equipment in the future. Our dealer carries it and whatever they carry, we buy.
  3. PLM-1

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    OK...my first post didn't post...hmmm

    Anyway what i asked was about any new blowers in the works to compete with the Redmax 8000 and the new shindaiwa that will be about the same size? i am in the market for a new blower and am partial to Shindaiwa but i am open to trying a different brand. My dealer also carries Tanaka so i wouldn't be too worried about dealer support if i don't care for it. Thanks
  4. Tanaka

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    Be sure to email me and let me know where you want your power bottle sent to.

    Happy holidays,

    Mark Woodling

  5. Tanaka

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    Joplin Mower,
    Thanks for your interest in Tanaka. At this time, our largest blowers are the TBL-7600 and TBL-7600R. What are you looking for in a big backpack blower that Redmax and Shindaiwa don't offer?

    For your free power bottle, email me at woodlingm@tanaka-ism.com with your mailing address.


    Mark Woodling
  6. cutnedge

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    Welcome to the site.
    I'll enjoy visiting you're forum. I must admit though, about the only thing I know about Tanaka is that y'all made a edger quite a few years back that was second to none. How 'bout that bottle :blob3:
  7. PLM-1

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    I was looking for something that was comparable to the Shindaiwa and Redmax. Something that is approx. 72 cc or so. Thanks
  8. TClawn

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    so why is tanaka better than shindaiwa or redmax? what would give me an advantage. right now I have all shindaiwa's but I'm very interested in your trimmers.

    I tried on of my friends out and he really likes them. how are they priced as far as parts go?
  9. Tanaka

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    Thanks for your post - another free power bottle for you. Email me at woodlingm@tanaka-ism.com with your mailing address.

    Yes, the TLE-550 is probably the one product Tanaka is known for. However, did you know?...

    1. We offer a full line of 100% TWO-STROKE powered handheld outdoor power equipment including; grass trimmers, brush cutters, hedge trimmers, blowers, edgers, pole hedge trimmers, pole saws, chain saws, drills, augers, pumps, and accessories.

    2. Tanaka was the first two-stroke manufacturer to certify to the C.AR.B. Tier II emissions regulations in 1998 with its innovative PureFire engine.

    3. Tanaka engines power BladeZ powerboards and powerkarts.

    4. Tanaka is a third generation, family-owned company that is based in Japan.

    5. The four owners of International Sales & Marketing, Tanaka's sales and support firm in North America, have a combined 85 years of experience working for Tanaka!
  10. Lazer_Z

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    Mark, I'm currently looking to buy 2 trimmers in the spring I am for now going with the Red max BCZ3000S it's a 29.5cc trimmer what does Tanaka have that is equal to or greater than the Red max??

    Thanks and welcome to Lawn Site

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